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Media Day

The Annual CMU Media Day is held the first week of March. More than 300 students interested in Mass Communication at CMU and area high schools participate.

Media Day features workshops with guest panelists and student-produced sessions in our laboratories, studios, and editing bays. Annual high school competition for yearbook, newspaper, and video categories are offered, and a state amateur photography contest is also held for both college and high school students.

Colorado High School seniors, interested in attending CMU as a full-time Mass Communication student, are encouraged to apply for the Mass Communication Scholarship that is awarded in conjunction with Media Day.

For more information, contact Professor James Perez at 970.248.1072.

Field Trips

Mass Comm professors and students often make field trips to get opportunities to interview, observe and participate with working professionals in the Mass Communication field. Recent trips have included students interviewing professional media relations/PR directors and players within organizations like the Colorado Rockies, Denver Nuggets, Denver Broncos, police departments, and hospitals as well as radio and tv stations, and non-profit organizations. For more information, see the Field Trips tab.

Student Media

Colorado Mesa provides opportunities for students to become involved in newspaper, magazine, radio, television, and Internet publication. The following entities are partially funded by student fees and governed by the Colorado Mesa Media Board, which consists of student editors, faculty advisers, and other representatives of the University and student body.

For more information, see the Student Media tab.


GJ Rockies

The Mass Communication Department offers a variety of opportunities to students enrolled in the program. As part of graduation requirements, Mass Communication students must participate in an internship related to their area of concentration. Internships provide students with hands-on experience for their degree, and allows students to practice the skills that they have learned.

The Mass Communication department offers suggested types of Internship opportunities in the state of Colorado but there have been a number of students who have completed their internships across the United States.

Internship opportunities range in a wide variety of areas. These include broadcast work for radio and television stations, print and news projects for magazines and newspapers, and public relations for businesses, hotels, and many government organizations.

See the Internship tab for places where Colorado Mesa University Mass Communication majors have successfully completed recent Internships and if interested, contact Prof. James Perez at 248-1072.

Photo: Students interns from CMU worked for the Grand Junction Rockies during the 2013 season.