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Located in room 109 of Escalante Hall, the Cage offers a wide selection of audio and video equipment available to any student enrolled in a Mass Communication class, as well as select LLMC courses. The Cage is open weekdays during the fall and spring semesters, and contains everything from DSLRs to professional video cameras and audio recorders.


How long can I keep my camera?

Standard check-out is two days. Renewals must be done in person. Items checked out on Thursday are due back on Friday. Items checked out on Friday are due back on Monday. Equipment must be returned by 3:45pm on the day it is due.

What happens if I cannot turn in my equipment on time?

You will receive a strike for everyday it is late. After the third strike, you will be suspended from checking equipment out for the remainder of the semester.

Can I check-out more than one camera at a time?

No. Only one camera may be check-out in a student's name at any given time. If you have a multi-camera shoot, the rest of your crew will need to come in and check out a camera.

Hours of Operation

Monday & Friday: 8am-12pm, 1-4pm

Wednesday: 8am-12pm, 2-4PM
Tuesday & Thursday:
8am-11am, 1-4pm