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Construction managers are in charge of building operations from design to implementation. They supervise people and monitor budgets. Construction managers ensure projects get done in a timely fashion. They may work for industrial, commercial, or residential construction projects; such as buildings, roads, and bridges, in both private and public sectors. Many are self-employed and others work for construction firms. In either case, Construction Managers are needed for both large and small construction projects.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management at Colorado Mesa University educates students in a wide range of construction needs. The unique program covers construction and construction science, management and business, mathematics and engineering, computer applications, and practical applications in course work and laboratory work. CMU recognizes the importance of classroom knowledge in conjunction with hands-on application and offers internships and other experiential learning options. The CMU Association of Construction Project Managers club, for example, provides students with the opportunity to extend their classroom studies to the real world. Special events, fundraisers and even national competitions are among some of the projects the ACPM Club is involved with.

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• Air Conditioning Supervisor
• Building Construction Contractor
• Construction Consultant
• Construction Foreman
• Construction Inspector
• Electrical Supervisor
• General Contractor
• General Construction
• Heating Contractor
• Job Superintendent
•Land Development Manager
• Plumbing Supervisor
• Project Manager
• Site Manager
• State Highway Department supervisor
• University Professor

Note: Some of the occupations listed above may require additional education, experience, or training beyond a Bachelor’s Degree. To research these occupations use the Career Research Resources links below.

• Plan construction projects.
• Supervise all or part of a project.
• Plan, coordinate and direct construction projects.
• Select and hire specialty trade contractors.
• Oversee construction supervisors and personnel safety.
• Work closely with other Construction Managers to ensure completion of all phases of the construction process.
• Obtain licenses and permits.
• Coordinate delivery of materials in the most cost effective way.
• Deal with delays.
• Travel to and from jobsite and office.
• Travel to other locations away from the office such as another state or country.
• Work closely with engineers, owners, and/or construction firm managers.
• Architectural firms
• Businesses
• City governments
• Community organizations
• Construction firms
• County/state governments
• Engineering firms
• Plumbing companies
• Private and public land owners
• Universities

Skills Needed by Mechanical Engineering majors:

• Flexible schedule
• Work well under pressure
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
• Be decisive
• Ability to analyze problems and find solutions
• Manage several large projects at once
• Ability to understand construction drawings
• Oral and written communication skills
• Leadership skills
• Familiarity with computer programs
• Ability to work with various personalities
• Work well as part of a team
• Computer skills
• Mathematics skills
• Engineering knowledge
• Construction knowledge

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