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Metabolic Testing

Metabolic equipment is useful in determining an individual's resting metabolic rate, threshold, and maximal VO2. The device works by analyzing an individual's expiratory gas while breathing to determine what type of fuel (carbohydrates or fat) are being utilized.

Metabolic and Biomechanics Testing

  • Training Program Design - development of season- and year- long training plans including periodization, training loads, recovery, peak phases, etc. Sound planning-the link between intelligent preparation and stable performance.
  • Thermal Imaging - Thermal (infrared) imaging of body heat to discern inflammation from training and/or injury. Seeing you and the world in a whole new light.
  • Gait Analysis - Variety of measures including high-speed video, sole of foot pressures, biomechanical analysis, and electromyography (EMG) to ascertain specific muscle involvement. Is your running efficient, do you have pain while running or walking?
  • Sport Skill Analysis - Variety of measures including high-speed video, Vicon biomechanical analysis, force platforms, EMG, speed, acceleration, and many others. Are you efficient, can your technique be improved, do you have technique deficiencies? Most people don't even know.
  • Aerobic Testing - Endurance and cardiovascular information. What intensity is best for your training? Treadmill, bike, and skating on a huge treadmill. What's your VO2 max, your lactate turn-point, what fuels do you use, how does your heart respond?
  • Body Composition - Variety of measures to determine how much of you is fat and how much is muscle and bone. Important in any weight loss program for determining status and progress.
  • Recovery Analysis - What are your sources of stress, are you getting enough rest?
  • Hydration - Are you dehydrated? One of the easiest aspects of training to forget and to fix - if you know your status.
  • Strength and Power Assessment - Variety of assessments from accelerometry to jump power analysis. How high do you jump, what's your strength, power, rates of force development, agility, reaction, anaerobic power, sprint speed and acceleration, etc.?
  • Blood Profiles - Measure cholesterol, lactate or glucose levels.
  • And, many others.