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In progress Research

Injuries in Division II Track and field and Cross- Country Athletes

Fall 2022

Shane Niksic and Nate Bachman

Physiological Characteristics of Recreational Free Divers

Fall 2022

Jordan Fleury, Gannon White, Brent Alumbaugh, Nate Bachman

The Metabolic Cost and Thermal Comfort of Cycling With and Without a Fan in an Environment of 21 C and 80% Relative Humidity 

Fall 2022

Morgan Zanetell, Jasen Engel, and Brent Alumbaugh

Calculating the Metabolic Equivalents (METs) of Hula Hooping

Fall 2022

Alyssa Fricks, Rowyn Carmicheal, Kristen Heumann, Mike Reeder, Brent Alumbaugh


Published Research

Involuntary breathing movement pattern recognition and classification via force based sensors

Spring 2022

Rajat Singh, Jordan Fleury, Sonu Gupta Nate Bachman,  Brent Alumbaugh and Gannon

Physiological and Biomechanical Differences Between Seated and Standing
Uphill Cycling

Fall 2020

Quint Berkemeier, Brent Alumbaugh, Trevor Gillum, Jared Coburn, Jong-Kyung Kim, Michael Reeder, Chelsie Fechtner, Gerald Smith

Precooling with an ice vest: Effect on core temperature in collegiate female

Fall 2019

Anne O’Reilly, Shelbi Peters, Leah Hendrick, Michael Reeder, Brent Alumbaugh


Current Research

The Effects of Altitude on Resting Metabolic Rate at 3,048m and 0m

Spring 2022

Ashley Nix, Alexandria Salisbury, Clarissa Macomber, Brent Alumbaugh

The Effects of Preheating and Precooling on Isokinetic Hamstring Strength in Division II Collegiate Male Sprinters

Spring 2022

Ashley Lopez, Kaitlyn Milholland, Haley Struck, Justin Thompson, Brent Alumbaugh

The Effects on HR, RPE and Oxygen Saturation While Wearing a
Surgical Face Mask During Submaximal Exercise

Spring 2021

Martin Camunez, Annelise Kalmbach, Trey Satterfield, Madison Smith-Sanchez, Brent Alumbaugh

Examining the Physiological Response to Hot Water Immersion;

Fall 2021

Kellan Nystrom, Peter Byers, Brent Alumbaugh

Swallowing Characteristics Pre and Post Exercise in a Patient with
Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy

Fall 2021

Anna Lausch, Katelyn Lamb, Brent Alumbaugh

Effects of Variations in Stride Frequency on Oxygen Consumption, HR and RPE During Decline Running

Spring 2021

Annelise Kalmbach, Kaycie Makimoto, Nate Bachman, Gannon White