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The AAS, MET program is designed for a student to complete in two-years and is focused on experiential skills of a mechanical engineer. The graduate attains basic proficiency in basic manufacturing methods, computer aided design (CAD), and basic computer numerical control (CNC). Engineering statics and structures along with fundamental physics and chemistry are emphasized. College level pre-calculus, differential and integral calculus are the mathematical requirements. Some general education and basic technical communications is attained.

An employee in industry with this degree would be classified as an engineering technician in most companies and primarily be responsible for the operation, maintenance, and/or trouble shooting of machinery with little managerial or budget responsibility. This person would be devoted to providing technical solutions usually not of a complex planning or computational nature. The AASMET Program at CMU is designed so that a student "stepping out" into industry after the AAS degree may 're-enter' CMU without loss of credit to pursue the BS Degree.


AAS MET Catalog Information


Interested students should apply through the usual application process via the CMU admissions page.