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What is a Construction Manager

Construction Managers (CMs)represent, plan, direct, and coordinate a wide variety of construction projects for construction owners and constructors. Projects include all types of needs: vertical construction, industrial, process, marine, and heavy civil. CMs are salaried or self-employed managers who lead, advise and oversee construction processes from conceptual development through design and procurement, final construction, and project commissioning. The professional CM focuses on ensuring the project is completed safely, in accord with contract and professional practices and is done on time and within budget.

Learn how you can build your career with a degree in construction management by calling the Engineering Department at 970.248.1400.

Are there jobs for CM graduates?

Right now, 100% of the CMU-CM grads have good paying, hi-level, construction management jobs. Despite the obvious recession the CMU-CM has a good rapport with industry. This is do to an active CM Industry Advisory Board (CMIAB), a successful internship program, and a reputation for quality.

Why CM @ CMU?

CMU's CM program is a unique learning opportunity located in a unique setting on the Western Slope of Colorado. The "Active Learning" approach to CM first teaches theory concepts then, engages students in live, proof-of-concept projects in the laboratory. This way, students learn the process of integrating the project delivery process from their first chapter until their last assignment before graduating.

How long does this program take to complete?

The Bachelor of Science in Construction Management is planned over a four year term. For more information about the program contact the Program Director, Troy Miller at 970.248.1551 or by email at [email protected].

What is the primary focus of this Construction Management degree?

The CM program focuses on three delivery methods (types of contract delivery) and three types of work:

CM Delivery Methods:

  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
  • Design Build (D-B) and
  • Conventional Construction

Types of CM Work - Educational Focus:

  • Vertical Project Management
  • Heavy Civil Project Management
  • Industrial

Who is my CM advisor and how do I contact them?

Each and every student on campus has the opportunity to work with campus advising staff and/or department faculty to develop a successful graduation plan. For information about how to select and/or change your major visit the IRIS advising website. Or, contact the Program Director, Troy Miller at 970.248.1551 or by email at [email protected].


Students in the Construction Management program at Colorado Mesa University are highly encouraged to more fully engage in the program and develop their practical skills through hands-on internship experiences. Internships are not required, but students find they are the best way to gain experience while still in school. This experience helps build resumes, networks and value for our graduates. If you are interested in internship possibilities, please contact Program Director, Troy Miller at 970.248.1551 or by email at [email protected].

What is the average starting salary for a Construction Manager?

Average salaries for experienced Construction Managers typically range from annual salaries of $40,000 and up depending on experience.