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Incoming Student Scholarships

Incoming Student Scholarship Reconsideration: The CMU Merit Scholarships are offered based on the application for admission. Your eligibility will automatically be reconsidered if your qualifying criteria improves after admission. To be reconsidered automatically, please send your updated document(s) to CMU. Updated transcripts must be sent directly to CMU from your high school in order to be considered official. You can review the CMU Merit Scholarship criteria matrix here.

Incoming Student Merit Scholarship Appeal: The Fall 2023 appeal will be available here in January 2023. You must contact your admissions counselor prior to appealing. Click here to find your counselor.

Admissions Level

Admissions Appeal Form Important: Please only fill out this form if you have already been admitted to CMU, you do not meet the criteria for a higher admission level and you would like to appeal to be considered for the higher level.

Residency Forms

Forms are available to download and print in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Residency Update Form

Residency Petition

Admission Applications

Processing times for online applications are significantly shorter than paper applications. If you require a paper undergraduate application, you may request one by email ([email protected]) or mail (1100 North Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501).

Apply for admission

For the Undergraduate International Application and supporting documents please visit the International Student page.