Ambassador Program

Who are the Ambassadors?

The Colorado Mesa University Ambassador Program is comprised of 30 top student leaders that provide prospective students with a firsthand account of college life. An ambassador's mission is to actively recruit students to Colorado Mesa University by bridging the gap between CMU and external groups.

  • By working closely with the Admissions Office, giving tours, making phone calls, administering visitation programs, etc… Ambassadors bridge the gap between CMU and prospective students.
  • By showing a presence in the Grand Valley through fundraising, Adopt-a-Hwy, service and philanthropy events, etc… Ambassadors connect CMU and the community.
  • By assisting the campus through internal events, leadership development, participating in school spirit events, etc… Ambassadors bridge the gap between the CMU student body and administrative personnel.

An ambassador is looked upon as the student face of Colorado Mesa University and is held to a higher standard of professionalism, academia, integrity, and respect. An ambassador has a positive attitude, a willingness to develop and hone their leadership skills, a volunteer spirit, a "team player" mentality, and the motivation to go above and beyond all that is asked of them. Through all of these qualities, an ambassador takes deep pride in the program, pride in the college, and pride in him/herself.