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Western Colorado's Selective University

Study Abroad

Currently, Colorado Mesa University students have the option of studying at another institution with only these programs either on an Exchange or Direct option:

  • National Student Exchange Plan A
  • National Student Exchange Plan B
  • EuroLearn
  • AustraLearn
  • AsiaLearn
  • ISEP (International Student Exchange Program)

For some options students are billed through Colorado Mesa University, for others the student pays the host school or, in the case of Euro/Austra/AsiaLearn, the student pays the program, which then makes arrangements to pay the school.  Financial aid is available for all eligible students for these programs only, and eligibility is determined by Federal, state and institutional guidelines. Students who participate in any of the Study Abroad programs, regardless of the program or option they choose, will be charged as being enrolled full time. 

Participating in Study Abroad Program with a CMU Academic Scholarship

Students who study abroad, regardless of the program or option they choose, will be enrolled full-time. Students are guaranteed that if they are otherwise eligible for a CMU merit scholarship (Distinguished, Trustee, Presidential, Phi Theta Kappa, Two Rivers and/or Canyon Passage Scholarships), this scholarship would be a part of their financial aid package for one semester of Study Abroad.  This scholarship will not fund for a second semester abroad, but the student will receive an adjusted financial aid package, if applying/eligible for other types of funding.  

Note that the Ambassador Leadership Scholarship is not included, due to the service component of this scholarship.  Students who receive other annual or endowed scholarships administered through or by the Financial Aid Office will be able to use those scholarships for up to two semesters, unless study abroad is specifically restricted by the donor.  All outside scholarships (funded by donors outside Colorado Mesa University) will be credited to a student’s account per donor instructions.

Participating in a Direct Placement Exchange Program

For Direct placements, the student is responsible to provide proof of enrollment to the Financial Aid office.  Disbursement of funds will be set up according to Federal guidelines.  Regardless of program policies for pre-payment, funds cannot be released prior to 10 days before the start of the term of enrollment at CMU. If the student is expecting a refund of financial aid, it is recommended that the student sign up for Direct Deposit with Student Accounts, to facilitate receipt of these funds. 

Before students depart their exchange school, they should request a complete transcript and emphasize it should be mailed to the Registrar's Office as soon as possible. Aid for future terms is dependent upon receipt of a final transcript, and posting it to the CMU record.

Fail to Complete Semester Abroad

If student is receiving merit and/or federal aid and does not complete a semester’s program abroad for either voluntary or involuntary withdrawal, the student is subject to all CMU, state and/or Federal regulations regarding total withdrawal for a semester.  See Terms and Conditions of Financial Aid for details of a total withdrawal.