Colorado and Gunnison Basin Roundtable Education Projects

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper ordered that a CO Statewide Water Plan to be drafted by the end of 2014 and finalized by the end of 2015. Basin Roundtables of stakeholders across the state drafted their own "basin implementation plans," which have been incorporated into the final statewide plan.


Colorado Water Plan (statewide)

Slide-show on the Colorado Water Plan and the Colorado and Gunnison Basin Plans (brief overview)


Colorado Basin Plan

Fact Sheet on CO Water Plan & Colorado Basin Plan 


Background Information on the Basin Roundtables

The Water Center is working with the Colorado and Gunnison Basin Roundtables in Colorado to increase public awareness of the roundtables' role in needs assessment, planning, and financing projects to meet future water needs. The project includes coordinating presentations to community groups.

Key Resources on Colorado Statewide Water Planning & Roundtables

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News Clips

All the clips at the link above were either generated directly by this project or refer to project activities.