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Directed by the Colorado state legislature, the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) developed the Water Plan to determine state policy regarding the optimal conservation and development of Colorado’s water resources. The Water Plan's development and implementation has been led by the CWCB, through a multi-year, iterative process that prioritizes stakeholder engagement. The plan analyzes the potential for both conservation and development alongside constantly changing factors that drives water needs. The Water Plan evaluates current and future risks that we can model within Colorado to help make decisions.

2023 Colorado Water Plan


2015 Colorado Water Plan

Slide-show on the 2015 Colorado Water Plan and the Colorado and Gunnison Basin Plans 
(brief overview)

More Information on the Basin Roundtables

Links for the West Slope Basin Roundtables are provided below. Additional information on all the state's basin roundtables can also be found here:

Historical Resources on Colorado Statewide Water Planning & Roundtables

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News Clips

All the clips at the link above were either generated directly by this project or refer to project activities.