Title IX Contact Information

John Williams, Title IX Coordinator 
Phone: 970-248-1366
Email: jewilliams@coloradomesa.edu

Jill Knuckles, Interim Director of Human Resources
Phone: 970-248-1426
Email: jknuckle@coloradomesa.edu 

Kris Mort, Co-Director of Athletics
Phone: 970-248-1908
Email: kmort@coloradomesa.edu 

Bree Meier, Director of the University Center   
Phone: 970-248-1250
Email: bmeier@coloradomesa.edu 

Sylvia Rael, Library Director
Phone: 970-248-1029
Email: srael@coloradomesa.edu 

Investigators are assigned to cases by the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator. 

Amanda Nicksic, Coordinator of Career Services
Phone: 970-248-1491
Email: anicksic@coloradomesa.edu 

Melissa Calhoon, Director of TRIO Program
Phone: 970-248-1492
Email: mcalhoon@coloradomesa.edu 

Michael Hughes, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation
Phone: 970-248-1126
Email: mhughes@coloradomesa.edu 

Pua Utu, Director of Campus Safety & Student Conduct    
Phone: 970-248-1336
Email: putu@coloradomesa.edu 

Bob Lang, Director of Diversity, Advocacy & Health          
Phone: 970-248-1765
Email: bllang@coloradomesa.edu 

Grand Junction Police Department
Emergency: 911
Non-emergency: 970-242-6707