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Confidential Reporting Options

SART Response Line

Phone: 970.270.5895 (Available 24 hours a day.)

The SART Coordinator will:

  • Ensure that you are safe
  • Help you decide if you need medical attention
  • Help you decide if you should contact law enforcement
  • Discuss options about what to do next
  • Connect you with an advocate who will assure your needs are being met
  • Connect you with emergency resources such as housing and transportation if needed
  • May be an anonymous reporting resource if choosing not to reveal personal information

Title IX Coordinator

Phone: 970.248.1366

Location: Lowell Heiny Hall

The Title IX Coordinator will assign you an advocate, who will:

  • Serve as your personalized "go to" person throughout your decision making process
  • Help you with reporting the assault to law enforcement and/or university officials if desired
  • Help you get a Sexual Assault Nurse Examination (SANE exam) in the event you might want to pursue action
  • Education about safety planning
  • Provide academic assistance
  • Help you navigate the university conduct system and provide advice on how the legal system works
  • Connect you to a counselor who can help you start the emotional healing process

CMU Counseling through Student Wellness Center 

Phone: 970.644.3740

Location: 1060 Orchard, Grand Junction

SWC provides you with a confidential place to talk about your experience and begin the emotional healing process. After hours, the main number will give you an emergency 24-hour number.

Telecounseling services are also available. 

Non-confidential Reporting Options

Student Conduct Office

Phone: 970.248.1336

Location: Lowell Heiny Hall, Fourth Floor

  • Student Conduct is required to notify Title IX, CMU SART, and Grand Junction Police of the report
  • Title IX will contact students through CMU SART
  • If students wish to not be contacted, Student Conduct will send them a letter notifying them of their decision
  • If the student does not want contact from the GJPD, Student Conduct will make note of it in their report
  • If the assault is a safety risk to the larger campus community, the assault can be investigated without participation from involved parties

Grand Junction Police Department

Phone: 970.242.6707

Location: 1060 Orchard Ave

  • If a SANE exam is requested, GJPD will need to be notified to authorize the exam
  • GJPD can investigate assaults and prosecute them legally if desired
  • GJPD can discuss your options for opening a case and investigation

Student Services

Phone: 970.248.1366

Location: Lowell Heiny Hall, Fourth Floor

The Student Services Office is required to notify the Student Conduct Office of sexual assaults.

Learn more about sexual assault prevention and awareness at CMU.