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CMU provides students with opportunities to develop the "whole person" by connecting the student with the institution and the community. To accomplish these goals, the institution offers a wide range of engagement opportunities based on the philosophy that students who have made meaningful connections with the campus will have a greater likelihood of persisting in their education and achieving their personal and academic goals.

The engagement opportunities and services we offer are measured in terms of student learning outcomes. As an institution, we monitor and assess the student learning outcomes on a biannual basis with an eye toward continuous improvement. The following Learning Outcomes are guided by the Colorado Mesa University Strategic Plan, adopted in January 2011, and informed by the Student Services Campus Working Group.

  1. Knowledge Acquisition, Construction, Integration and Application Students will evaluate and use information gained from both traditional and non-traditional learning environments to apply a personalized experience to their college career and beyond in a global environment.
  2. Cognitive Complexity Students will utilize critical and reflective thinking skills to identify risks, evaluate procedures, and make decisions about their academic, financial, social, and personal futures.
  3. Interpersonal Development Students will be able to exhibit continuous identity development while demonstrating a commitment to ethics, integrity, and personal awareness.
  4. Interpersonal Competence Students will seek and value the involvement of others through interdependence, collaboration, and leadership.
  5. Humanitarianism and Civic Engagement Students recognize the importance of cultural and human differences and deliberately participate in activities that allow them to practice civic responsibility, community citizenship, and service to others.
  6. Practical Competence Students will effectively communicate, problem solve, complete tasks, and choose a healthy lifestyle to successfully navigate a purposeful life.

Assessment and Student Learning