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Colorado Mesa University Catalog - The CMU Catalog is designed to assist students in choosing the program of study that best fits their aspirations and goals. This is where you'll find admissions guidelines, financial aid information, and academic requirements to help you make an educated decision about your future. In addition, the catalog describes aspects of student life at CMU and opportunities you'll find for personal growth outside the classroom.

The Maverick Guide (Student Handbook and Resource Guide) - The Maverick Guide is designed to serve you throughout the academic year. You may refer to this guide whenever you have questions or problems concerning the student code of conduct, policies, or procedures. It is also a resource for academic policy inquiries, residence life community guidelines and more information on support services.

Trustees Policy Manual - The Trustees Policy Manual outlines the policies adopted by the Board of Trustees related to university governance, personnel and welfare, business and finance operations, academic affairs, student affairs, and the duties of the CMU president.