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Sponsored Programs Award Snapshot

(FY21 and FY22 include COVID Relief Funding)










Take a look at the sponsored projects that are currently going on at CMU! 

Below is a summary of the current awards that OSP is managing, listed by principal investigator, award title, and funding agency: 

  • Andres Aslan - Detrital-sanidine dating studies and landscape evolution of western Colorado (Unconventional Energy Center)
  • Greg Baker -
    • Application of drone photogrammetry on alluvial fans in the Grand Valley of Colorado for detecting shallowly-buried channel features that may act as groundwater conduits (Hutchins Water Center)
    • Drone-Based LiDAR Analyses of Structural Deformation & Depositional Features in Western Colorado (Unconventional Energy Center)
  • Nick Bardo - Educator Stipend Program and Student Educator Test Stipend Program (Colorado Department of Higher Education, HB22-1220)
  • Morgan Bridge - Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program (Daniels Fund)
  • Shelby Burroughs Pryzgoda - TRIO Upward Bound (Department of Education)
  • Paige Cadman - 
    • TRIO Student Support Services, Regular (Department of Education)
    • TRIO Student Support Services, STEM (Department of Education) 
  • Tim Casey - Applying Outcomes Focused Management to Increase Public Benefit with Attention to Diversity and Inclusion (Bureau of Land Management via University of Alaska Fairbanks)
  • Karl Castleton - Colorado Space Grant Consortium (NASA via the University of Colorado)
  • Melissa Connor - Expanding and validating the microbiome database for estimating the postmortem interval (National Institute of Justice via Colorado State University)
  • Cassandra Fenton - Geochronology and Stratigraphy of the Wanakah and Related Formations, Southwest Colorado and Eastern Utah (Unconventional Energy Center)
  • Lucy Graham - Pathways Family Wellness Center (Health Resources and Services Administration)
  • Victoria Hibler - GeriCare Everywhere (Univeresity of Colorado Anschutz, SB 2023-31)
  • Lisa Hughes State Grants for Libraries (Colorado Department of Education)
  • Verner Johnson - Geophysical and Geological Study in the Pinon Mesa – Ryan Park Area in the Northwestern Uncompahgre Plateau, Colorado and Utah (Unconventional Energy Center)
  • Deb Kennard -
    • CMU Public Land Corps Individual Placement Program (National Forest Service)
    • University/College Partnership on Public Lands (Bureau of Land Management)
  • Bob Lang - Opioid Crisis Recovery Fund (Mesa County Regional Opioid Governance Board)
  • Emma Leenerman - Healthcare Workforce Development in Western Colorado Coal-Affected Communities (Economic Development Administration)
  • Bridget Marshall - CMU Graduate Nurse Practitioner Implementation of Telehealth and OSCE equipment (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)
  • Kyle McQuade - Saccomanno Undergraduate Summer Biomedical Research Internship Program (Saccomanno Higher Education Foundation)
  • Chad Middleton - Colorado Mesa University Maverick Open Resource Educators (Colorado Department of Higher Education)
  • Nathan Perry – The Economic Impact of St. Mary’s Medical Center (St. Mary’s Medical Center)
  • Jeff Piper - Perkins Basic Grant Funds (Colorado Community College System)
  • Justin Pomeranz - The influence of temperature and resource supply on community size spectra in streams (National Science Foundation via University of South Dakota)
  • Sadye Saad - Career Services Career Coaching Coordinator (Mesa County Department of Human Services, HB21-1264)
  • Jarrod Schiffbauer - 
    • Individual and Collective Behavior of Active Colloids in Microgravity (National Science Foundation)
    • Building a diverse, sustainable, and robust undergraduate-to-graduate STEM network through inter-institutional interdisciplinary research collaborations in complex fluids/soft matter (NASA)
  • Stacie Schreiner - Colorado Rural Healthcare Workforce Initiative (State of Colorado, SB22-172)
  • Vail Shoultz-McCole - 
    • Early Childhood Education Apprenticeship Program (Colorado Department of Early Childhood)
    • Elevating the Early Childhood Workforce: Plans, Qualifications, & Pathways (Colorado Department of Early Childhood via University of Colorado Denver)
  • Amanda Stahlke - Surveying, Modeling, and Analysis of Conflict Zones in the Gila River Basin (RiversEdge West)
  • Brigitte Sundermann - 
    • Allied Health Care Forward (Colorado Community College System, SB22-226)
    • Mobile Learning Lab for Welding & CDL (Colorado Community College System & Office of Economic Development and International Trade)
    • Career Advance Colorado (Colorado Community College System, HB23-1246)
  • Michelle Sunkel - 
    • Behavioral Health Incentive Program (Colorado Department of Higher Education, SB21-137)
    • Behavioral Health Expansion on the Western Slope of Colorado (The Denver Foundation)
  • Lara Swanson - Workforce Training Innovation Program for CMU TECH Bilingual Child Development Associate Training (Colorado Community College System)
  • Javier Tellez - Reservoir Characterization of Sedimentary Strata within the Piceance Basin. Applications for Enhanced Hydrocarbons Recovery and Geothermal Energy Potential Using Abandoned Drilled Wells (Unconventional Energy Center)
  • Andy Tyler - Community Longitudinal Integrated Clinicals (CLIC): Enhancing Primary Care Training in Rural and Underserved Communities (Health Resources and Services Administration)
  • Johanna Varner - 
    • Expanding and Evaluating an Ecological, Networked Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (National Science Foundation)
    • Drivers of Welfare in Wild American Pikas (Wild Animal Initiative)
  • Denita Weeks - Monitoring Amphibians Including Presence of Invasive Bullfrogs and Pathogenic Fungus (Bureau of Land Management)
  • Freddy Witarsa - 
    • Addressing Selenium Issues in Grand Valley Waterways (Hutchins Water Center)
    • Testing the applicability of microbial source tracking method using dPCR to determine the source of high levels of fecal contamination in local waterways (Hutchins Water Center)

Award breakdown by department: