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Why Does My Proposal Need to be Routed?

To help OSP complete our internal review and routing, please complete the Certification Form prior to final proposal submission.

The internal review process for external funding proposals ensures compliance with federal, state, and institutional regulations and promotes accuracy in all budgetary and institutional information. Typically, the following questions are resolved at each of the indicated levels:

Departmental concerns:

  • Will the grant in other ways interfere with the total effort expected and for which that person is being paid?
  • Will the teaching load be adjusted because of the faculty member's work on the grant?
  • Are there sufficient facilities and equipment available to support the proposed research?
  • Does the project fit within the overall objectives of the department?
  • Are human or animal subjects to be involved in research?
  • Have biohazards been identified?
  • Determines that the commitment of institutional funds, if any, in support of the project are consistent with the department and university objectives.
  • Verifies the worthiness of the project in terms of department and university objectives.

Office of Sponsored Programs concerns:

  • Forwards those proposals requiring University funds not available at the department and university level to the President for review.
    • Examples of such a requirement are funds to continue the employment of personnel upon the termination of the grant, funds for renovation, or matching funds for equipment.
  • Reviews the budget to ensure that full and appropriately documented costs are included.
  • Verifies that all involved departmental and compliance units have approved the proposal.
  • Reviews institutional information for accuracy.
  • Reviews the budget to ensure that full and appropriately documented costs are included.

Proposal Review and Submission

Sponsored Projects is responsible for reviewing and approving all submissions to external sponsors. Sponsored Programs staff work closely with PI's to ensure proposals meet the highest standard of compliance by: 

  • Reviewing and submitting proposal on behalf of CMU;
  • Providing assistance with the interpretation of sponsor requirements and federal regulations; and
  • Communicating with sponsors on behalf of Principal Investigator (PI's) and Departments.

Submission Deadlines

Some grant awarding agencies have specific research proposal deadlines, others accept proposals on a continuing basis. Thoroughly read each Request for Proposal (RFP) or Program Announcement/Solicitation to determine submission deadline requirements.