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All psychology majors take the classes in the Psychology Core:

PSYC 150              General Psychology

PSYC 201              Orientation to the Psychology Major

STAT 215              Statistics for Social Sciences

PSYC 216              Psychology Research Methods and Lab

PSYC 414              History of Psychology

PSYC 416              Memory & Cognition


Upper Division Electives in Psychology

Students take at least one course from each of the following five Areas:

Developmental Area

PSYC 310              Child Psychology

PSYC 330              Psychology of Adolescence & Emerging Adulthood

PSYC 350              Psychology of Adulthood

Personality/Social Area

PSYC 320              Social Psychology

PSYC 401              Sport Psychology

PSYC 412              Industrial/Organizational Psychology

PSYC 420              Personality

PSYC 435              Applied Social Psychology

Diversity Area

PSYC 370              Cross-Cultural Psychology

PSYC 335              Psychology of Women

PSYC 411              Human Sexuality

PSYC 425              Forensic Psychology

Health & Wellness Area

PSYC 300              Health Psychology

PSYC 340              Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 410              Drugs & Human Behavior

SOCI 410              Death, Dying & Bereavement

Behavioral Neuroscience Area

PSYC 314              Psychology of Learning

PSYC 422              Sensation & Perception

PSYC 430              Biopsychology

Elective Area

PSYP 305              Suicide Intervention

PSYP 306              Applied Ethics

PSYC 400              Psychological Testing

PSYC 395/495    Independent Study

PSYC 499              Internship

SOCI 390              GRE Prep

SOCI 497              Structured Research


Required Upper Division Courses for Counseling Psychology Majors:

PSYC 320              Social Psychology

PSYC 340              Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 400              Psychological Testing

PSYC 420              Personality Psychology

PSYC 370 or PSYP 322     Cross-Cultural Psychology or Multicultural Service Learning

PSYP 320              Career Development

PSYP 420              Counseling Processes and Techniques

PSYP 422              Psychological Interviewing

PSYP 424              Group Processes and Techniques

PSYP 497              Psychology Practicum (Internship)


Before you know it, you’ll be graduating and get to see your faculty members in their funny hats...

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