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How to pay a parking citation

You have two options available for paying a parking citation, also known as a parking ticket. In each case, please make sure you have both the citation and the license plate number for the vehicle that received the citation. If the citation has been lost, please call Parking Services at 970.248.1921. We can find the citation number through the vehicle license plate number.


Pay your Parking citation online

Please have your citation ready - you will be asked for both the citation number and license plate number (also on the citation).

Standard mail

Please make your check(s) payable to Colorado Mesa University. Payments must be mailed to:

Colorado Mesa University
Attn: Parking Services
1100 North Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Please be sure to include the citation with your payment, or the citation number and license plate number with every payment. This will ensure payment is posted to the correct account.

How to appeal a parking citation

Any citation may be appealed within ten (10) days of the citation issue date. You must submit your appeal online, paper forms are no longer accepted.

Appeals will not be accepted for citations over ten (10) days old.

APPEAL a parking TICKET online

The following are not grounds for appeal: (1) lack of available parking, (2) unfamiliarity with College parking rules and regulations, (3) short time in violation areas, (4) failure to observe posted signs, (5) class/instruction ran late, (6) non-receipt of the violation