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Online Ordering

Colorado Mesa University Parking Services is selling permits online. Fall 2024 permits will be available for purchase beginning Thursday August 1st 2024 at 9:00am. Permits are valid through July 31, 2025.

Online ordering provides a convenient way to obtain a permit. At the time you order, your permit can be paid with a credit/debit card or billed to your student or employee account.

Your license plate is your permit (after it is registered and the permit fee is paid).  Multiple vehicles can be registered, but only one vehicle may be parked on campus.  Make sure your license plate is registered with 100% accuracy.  For example, is that digit the letter O or number zero?  Is that digit the number 1 or letter I?

Reserved Permits

Tired of searching for a parking space? The Resident Hall Reserved permit is a good way to guarantee a space in a specific lot at any time of the day. Call Parking Services at 970-248-1931 for more information regarding these permits.

GVT/MAVbikes Program

Stop by the Outdoor Program to check out the MAVbikes Program and the University Center Information Desk to check out the Grand Valley Transit System offers available to students. These are great ways to get around campus and town as an alternative to buying a parking permit.

Guidelines for $50 Parking Permit Credit to CMU License Plate Holders

CMU license plates can be purchased at the DMV.

Credit will be placed on the individual’s university account regardless of method used to pay for parking permit.  If there are no charges on the individual’s account to absorb the credit, the Business Office will issue a $50 check as soon as possible.

Credit will be issued only after the parking permit has been purchased.

The credit will be validated by the individual presenting a copy of the license plate registration and a photo of the CMU plate to Parking Services.

This program applies only to CMU plates, not the previously issued MSC plates.

The program is not applicable to motorcycles, as CMU plates are not available for motorcycles.

Only one $50 credit per parking permit and CMU plate.  The same CMU license plate cannot be used for additional credits in subsequent years.

The program is available only to current CMU students and employees who are eligible to purchase a 2023-2024 CMU parking permit (reserved, faculty/staff, commuter, or residence hall).  It is not available to individuals who obtain a parking permit as a part of their recreation membership to the CMU Maverick Center.

It has not yet been determined if or when this program will expire.