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CMU students will take a particular math class or classes depending on their program of study. The three main "pathways" are for students needing to take MATH 110 (Mathematical Investigations), those needing to take MATH 113 (College Algebra), and those needing to take MATH 151/MATH 135 (Calculus I) for their Essential Learning Course. Click below for more details.

Mathematics Pathways quick guide


Determining appropriate placement into a mathematics course is done through the ALEKS Placement Assessment. This online, adaptive test gauges student understanding in several areas of mathematics in order to match students with classes that are compatible with their current readiness. Students who do not place into their required Essential Learning mathematics course are encouraged to practice and review in the ALEKS Learning Modules and then retake the ALEKS Placement Assessment.

ALEKS Placement assessment Information

Students who feel that they have been inappropriately placed may appeal their placement recommendation to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for further consideration. Please call 970.248.1407 to schedule an appointment.