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The Secondary Education concentration in Mathematics at CMU prepares students to teach in both middle and high schools. They enjoy small class sizes in the upper-level majors’ courses and close contact with faculty members. All of the classes are taught by professors or instructors—none by graduate students. Students learn the professional skills in teaching methods and content necessary for secondary mathematics teachers. Nationally recommended curriculum guidelines are followed in order to ensure that graduates have the mathematical content and conceptual understanding necessary for all secondary school mathematics courses.

The Education courses in the major offer substantial field hours throughout the program. Students benefit from the Center for Teacher Education’s strong relationship with a 14-county western-slope community of school districts, with whom we coordinate for field placements and employment. Our program is authorized by both the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE).


Emphasis/Degree Options

Secondary Education, Mathematics
Bachelor of Science
Academic Requirements
Elementary Education, Mathematics Emphasis, Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Academic Requirements


*for a concise document containing the academic requirements of any of the above degrees, click the appropriate "academic requirements" link, then scroll to the very bottom of the page, click the "Print Options" button, then select "Download PDF of this page"


Career Options

Mathematics majors in Secondary Education are in great demand. Students commonly have a choice of employment opportunities. Placements for internships can lead to hiring due to familiarity with the student. If students want to preserve an option for graduate school in pure mathematics, an additional two to three courses also complete the requirements for the undergraduate degree in pure mathematics.