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Students will learn to combine mathematics, statistics, and probability in order to solve real-world problems involving data. At CMU, class sizes are small and faculty that are passionate about teaching make the learning experience vibrant and interactive.  Your professors will know you personally, and you will establish a close-knit community with your classmates.  A university-wide emphasis on undergraduate research also makes CMU a fantastic place to be a statistics major, as you will be presented with opportunities to collaborate on projects across multiple disciplines.


Emphasis/Degree Options

Statistics, Mathematics
Bachelor of Science
Academic Requirements
Statistics, Mathematics
Academic Requirements


*for a concise document containing the academic requirements of any of the above degrees, click the appropriate "academic requirements" link, then scroll to the very bottom of the page, click the "Print Options" button, then select "Download PDF of this page"

Career Options

One of the great benefits of a degree in statistics is that your career opportunities are vast.  Statisticians are in high demand in industry, government, and education.  From business analytics to healthcare, data mining to medical research, and everything in between, there are career options for statisticians wherever your passion lies.  We have graduates employed with Rocky Mountain Health Plans, Alpine Bank, Mind Springs Health, Geico, and Apple, to name a few.  There is also an excellent track record of CMU statistics graduates being accepted to the graduate program of their choice.


“I love the stats program! What sets it apart is our teacher to student ratio, allowing professors to spend extra time when needed.  The course material has direct application to my current line of work in manufacturing.” – Michael Hawkins (current student)

"The statistics program at CMU successfully provides you with the tools you need to go into industry or graduate school. I personally am excelling in graduate school after having taken the curriculum offered.  The professors truly want to see you succeed and will work with you to make sure you not only grasp the concepts, but can apply them to real life examples." – Rachel Dillmann (May 2019 grad, currently enrolled in the Statistics PhD program at Baylor University)

"The Statistics program at CMU helped me more than I could've ever anticipated.  I learned how to understand what the data says.  I learned to be diligent and understand every situation before jumping to conclusions.  All of the classes I took had a realistic balance between the theory and applications.  It was an amazing introduction into how statistics actually work, which is completely different than the preconceived notion people tend to have." – Erika Esquinca (May 2019 grad)