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What is a serial?
A serial is any publication in any format issued in successive parts bearing numeric or chronological designations and intended to continue indefinitely.

Serials include

  • periodicals (journals and magazines and their supplements)
  • newspapers
  • annuals (reports, yearbooks, etc.)
  • numbered monographic series (books)

Formats included

  • electronic access
  • print
  • microfiche and microfilm
  • CDs and DVDs

What does Tomlinson Library's Serials Department do?

  • Maintains access to online issues through multiple publishers and vendors
  • Checks in all print serial issues
  • Manages catalog holdings records for 2,293 serial titles
  • Sends selected print books and serials to the bindery
  • Identifies and replaces damaged and missing print issues

How can a patron find out which serial titles the library owns?
Title and holdings information for both electronic and print serials is available through the Journal Finder.

How do patrons determine if the library has received current print issues for a particular title?
The most current issue the library has received is shown in the catalog as "Latest Received:". The status of other recent issues can also be displayed by clicking on the "Latest Received" link.

How do patrons determine if a particular issue is at the bindery?
Click on the "Latest Received" link. If an issue is at the bindery, its status will display as "TO BIND". An issue with the status "BND PREP" will usually, though not always, be available to use. Ask for help at the Reference Desk.

How can I contact someone in the Serials Department?
Call or email 970.248.1430 or [email protected]

Reporting Problems With the Library Catalog
It is important that the summary holdings statements in the Library Catalog be correct. An error in the summary holdings statement may mean that patrons will not be able to find the material they need. If you find an error in the Library Catalog, you can e-mail the citation with the error to Lisa Hughes. Please indicate in the comments what is wrong with the statement.

Other Contact Information:
Jamie Walker, Head of Technical Services at 970.248.1863 or [email protected]