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Government Publications is a collection of information sources that have been produced and distributed by the various departments, bureaus and agencies of the federal government. Colorado Mesa University became a depository library in 1985 and is one of 1400 in the United States. The purpose of depository libraries is to make U.S. Government Publications easily accessible to the general public and to insure their continued availability in the future. Free access to the resources of the documents collection by the general public is an obligation of all Federal Depository Libraries.

Tomlinson Library is a selective depository library, and thus receives about 50 percent of the publications made available. Tomlinson Library selects material that reflects CMUs curriculum and local interest. 

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This library is a congressionally designated depository for U.S. Government documents. Public access is guaranteed by public law. For help accessing the government documents collection, see any library staff member. (Title 44 United States Code)