Finance and Administrative Services newsletters are posted prior to the start of each semester. These newsletters provide staff members with continuous resources for processes and administrative tasks. Looking for a previously published newsletter? View our newsletter archive.

Spring 2019 Newsletter

Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) Office is located on the second floor of Lowell Heiny Hall (LHH).  Here is a list of the HR staff, along with a list of their primary responsibilities and contact information. 

  • Luke Jackson, Human Resources Generalist, 970-248-1820,  occupational health and safety needs, including workers compensation, as well as any general HR needs, including independent contractor and volunteer paperwork.
  • Shannon Pumphrey, Human Resources Generalist, 970-248-1093,  appointment recommendations, employee leave, timecards, part-time new hire paperwork, annual performance reviews, and recruitment of classified staff positions.
  • Amy Grimes, Compensation and Benefits Manager, 970-248-1578,  employee benefits, Rally Health, retirement, and family medical leave.  In addition, Amy conducts all new employee orientation and onboarding and meets with all on-campus candidates for a benefits review.
  • Robin Hood, Recruitment Coordinator, 970-248-1055, all recruitment needs including, but not limited to, posting open positions, advertising, background checks, and questions/help in relation to CMU’s Applicant Tracking System. 
  • Jill Knuckles, Director of Human Resources, 970-248-1426, oversees the HR Department, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations and guidance on open records requests.




Payroll can address all student payroll-related questions including student employment, paystubs, and timesheets.  All other employee payroll questions should be directed to Luke Jackson in HR—see above. Please see the payroll webpage for various payroll forms. All student payroll questions or concerns can be emailed to and please include your phone number. 

New and Different

  • With the new 2018-19 school year, for those employees who report their time on a timesheet, Payroll has introduced electronic timesheets that are now accessible through a MAVzone app, shown to the right. There is an employee time sheet schedule located on the payroll webpage, which shows timesheet deadlines by pay period.
  • Student employment also now has electronic Work Authorization Cards. These can also be found on the payroll webpage. This electronic Work Authorization Card allows supervisors to complete the form in PDF and press the “submit” button, which connects to the supervisor’s Outlook email and sends the request directly to payroll.


Budget Office

If you are new or have new budget responsibilities, or just need a refresher on budget information for your department, please reach out to Whitney or Jennifer. 

New and Different – Banner 9

Banner is being upgraded to a new version, Banner 9.  Jennifer provides routine budget reporting training, and will be including training on the new Banner 9 navigation as it relates to budget information and forms.  Jennifer will be sending out a February notice of upcoming March training sessions.


Facilities Services

To help keep track of what needs our attention, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to submit work orders for anything related to campus buildings or grounds that is not working properly, by going online.



The Maverick Store requests that faculty fill out a book order form, which will be emailed to them and will be due approximately at the start of second mod, for every class, each semester, even if faculty are using the same book each semester. In addition, the bookstore can order supplies and can work with departments to assist in ordering recognition gifts or staff t-shirts.  Contact Doug Frazier at 970-248-1466 or at least a month in advance.


Parking Services

All parking lots are enforced from 6 am until 6 pm, Monday through Friday, unless otherwise posted.  Tickets can be paid online.  For parking questions, including questions regarding tickets, guest parking, and permits, please stop by the Parking Services located at the University Center Information Desk from 8am until 5p, Monday through Friday, or contact Parking Services by emailing 


Purchasing and Accounts Payable

We are excited to announce that the CMU Purchasing and Accounts Payable Departments are merging into Procurement and Payment Services! Although we are merging departments, there are still areas of expertise that each member will oversee. Please contact the following groups for the listed items:

  • Purchasing at 970-248-1337 or
    • For contracts: Just a reminder that under no circumstances should any employee sign a contract on behalf of CMU.  All contracts will need to be reviewed and approved through Purchasing.
    • To procure or purchase any items costing over $5,000.
    • To apply for a new OneCard, CMU’s campus procurement card, which would be needed for small-dollar university purchases or frequent university travelers.
    • To report if a student (not faculty or staff who report to Human Resources) is injured on campus or if there is vandalism on campus.
  • Accounts Payable at
    • To set up a vendor for payment processing on behalf of CMU.
    • For questions about employee expense reimbursement.
  • Travel: In order to travel on behalf CMU, complete CMU’s new travel form, with any follow up communications directed to
  • Tracy Miracle manages outgoing and incoming mail. She can be reached at 970-248-1202 or
  • Mike Lyon manages campus packages, including shipping, receiving and delivering copier paper.  He can be reached at 970-248-1200 or


IRIS: Integrated Resources for Information and Solutions

IRIS provides one single place where students can get answers about academic advising, registration, financial aid, and student accounts.  IRIS provides the following services:

  • Academic Advising
    • Building schedules
    • Exploring majors and careers
    • Connecting with campus resources
  • Registrar
    • Assisting with the registration process
    • Updating records
    • Explaining academic policies
    • FERPA compliance
  • Financial Aid
    • Understanding the financial aid process
    • Completing requirements
    • Identifying financial resources
  • Student Accounts
    • Assisting with payments
    • Explaining E-PAY
    • Completing financial counseling

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to tell students inquiring with questions to “ask IRIS” and we will get them the information or solution they need.  IRIS may be contacted either by going to the first floor in LHH, by phone at 970-248-1177, or by contacting  The Financial Aid and Registrar’s Office windows are now closed.  Students should be referred to the IRIS desk for all matters. 


Office of Student Accounts

Although IRIS now takes cash and check payments at their counter, Student Accounts, located on the 1st floor of LHH, still takes care of all outside scholarships, 529 payments, third party sponsors, and Veterans Affairs (VA) payments.  Student Accounts is also here to help the campus community with all their cash needs, including making change, making club/department deposits, and turning in cashiering sessions for daily deposits and reconciliations. 

New and Different

Please note that Student Accounts no longer accepts credit card payments in person; credit card payments must now all be made online.


Financial Aid

For questions, such as how to apply for financial aid and how to complete the financial aid process (accepting aid, applying for loans, providing missing documents, etc.), students can consult IRIS. The Financial Aid Office window is now closed so all students should first be referred to IRIS.  In the event IRIS staff are not able to assist the student, they will work directly with the financial aid office. 

New and Different

CMU has moved the MAVworks funding application from in-line to on-line. Students are notified when the application opens via email, campus marketing, and through supervisors. Students simply need to fill out the on-line application and they will be put on the funding list based on the date the application is received.  For the first time, Financial Aid will offer an application cycle each semester. If you know of students who did not receive MAVworks in the fall or are new to campus, please encourage them to apply online for funding at the beginning of the spring semester and each semester thereafter. Remember MAVworks funding eligibility requires 3.0 GPA; full-time status (unless graduating or justifiable circumstance); and NOT be Pell Grant eligible.  For questions, contact IRIS.