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Finance and Administrative Services newsletters are posted at the start of each semester. These newsletters provide faculty and staff with resources for processes and administrative tasks. Looking for a previously published newsletter? View our newsletter archive.

Finance and Administration (FAS) Fall 2021 Newsletter

Parking Services
  • Parking services information desk has MOVED to the alcove to the right of the IRIS desk on the first floor of LHH. Students with questions, concerns or payments should be directed to either this new location or the parking services website.
  • All parking lots are enforced from 6 am until 6 pm, M-F, unless otherwise posted. Pay to Park, Reserved Lots, loading zones, handicapped spaces, and fire lanes are enforced all year, even during college breaks and move in and move out.
  • Visitor parking passes can be purchased online at the parking website.
  • Parking questions can be referred to Parking Services at 970.248.1921 or or directed to first floor of LHH.
Human Resources (HR)
  • It is important to continue reporting COVID-19-related absences to HR. Employees are responsible for immediately reporting both to their supervisor and to Amy Grimes in HR either when they are absent from work OR when they are requesting to work from home if the:
    • employee is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and needs to isolate while waiting for test results; or has tested positive; or has been instructed to quarantine by a contact tracer.
    • employee must care for a family member because the family member as defined in the employee handbook is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms; is waiting on a test result; or has tested positive; or a family member requiring care who has been instructed to quarantine by a contact tracer.
    • employee needing to be absent from work or able to work from home due to their young child requiring care as a result of a school or daycare quarantine requirement or closure.
  • Employees in these circumstances are encouraged to work with their supervisors for remote work or flex schedule, where appropriate. As soon as practical, but at the latest when the employee returns to work, the employee must also complete the COVID-19 PHEL leave form and return it to Amy Grimes at or 970.248.1578.
  • Ensure your address and emergency contacts are up to date.
    • Address change form can be found here.
    • Update emergency contacts by logging into MAVzone, click “My Account”, click “Personal”, click “Other Personal Information” and then “View” or “Update” Emergency Information.
  • Ensure your retirement plan and life insurance beneficiaries are up to date (TIAA or PERA). Faculty and Staff may update life insurance beneficiaries here and Classified staff here.
    • Are you saving enough for retirement?  The IRS increased the maximum annual contribution employees can make pre-tax to their voluntary retirement plans. These include the 403(b), 401(k) and 457 Plan. The 2021 maximum is $19,500 CY2021; and, for those 50 or older it is $26,000.
    • Take time to meet with Insight Financial to review your retirement goals. You may schedule your no-cost assessment and advise session by contacting Kevin Price at 970.201.6533 or or Jason Stanfield at 970.986.8053 or
  • An updated employee time sheet schedule titled, “FY22 Semi-Monthly Time Sheet/Leave Sheet Schedule” is available on the Payroll website. Please distribute this schedule to any time sheet employees, including student employees, to ensure timely payroll processing.
  • For any payroll questions, please email or 970.248.1140.
Procurement and Payment Services (PPS)
  • Travel: Information  on CMU travel procedures, travel training PowerPoint and expense forms can be accessed at the Accounts Payable website. Additional information can be found on the Purchasing website.
  • Anne Fees has joined the PPS team and can assist with general departmental questions including status of purchase requests, travel authorizations, and updating signature authority. You can contact Anne at or 970.248.1369
  • OneCard: The PPS Team completes monthly internal audits of campus OneCard activity. Please complete all your OneCard responsibilities in a timely manner in order to avoid violation issues—guidance is provided at on the OneCard webpage. If you have any questions about the program or would like additional training, please contact Donovan Harwell at or 970.248.1433.
  • Campus Mail schedule
    • For Priority Mail/Daily Mail,
      • CMU delivers mail for metering one time per day at 1:15 pm; if the outgoing mail is not included in the CMU Mailroom’s daily pickup or delivered to the Mailroom before that time, it will not go in the mail until the next business day.
      • Please coordinate larger mailings (200 or more letters and/or 500 or more large envelopes) with the Mailroom at least two business days in advance to allow for pick up and metering planning.
    • For Bulk mail,
      • There are two bulk mail service providers available for campus use: Mail Managers Bulk (970-241-1612) and Bulk Mail Pros (970-254-8400). Departments need to work directly with one of these providers to arrange bulk mailing and submit a direct request to Accounts Payable for a CMU check to prepay postage. For assistance with this process, contact the Mailroom or Tracy Miracle at or 970.248.1202 or PPS at 970.248.1337. 
Facilities Services

Facilities updates are below.

Facilities Updates

  • The second part of the Caf remodel was completed this summer. Updates were made to provide more variety, healthy, and vegan/vegetarian options. Stop by and check it out. Or better yet, take a colleague to BOGO lunch on September 3rd.
  • Green To Go @ the Caf – The Caf is now styrofoam free. For those who need a to-go option from the Caf, the re-usable green container can be purchased for a nominal $2 or you will be provided sustainable paper containers.

Green to Go

  • Take 5 @ Houston Hall - This location has a slightly different look this Fall but continues to serve traditional coffee and grab-n-go items. This site will no longer accept meal transfers.
  • Changes at the Tomlinson Library: Tres Habaneros and Pandani’s names have changed to Picante and What the Mav?  Picante will continue to serve Mexican food while providing a broader variety of entrees. What the Mav? will have a rotating menu such as specialty macaroni and cheese and ethnic-inspired dishes.
  • New website for Dining Services at CMU Our new website provides information on hours of operations, catering, meal plans, etc.
  • The Pantry, CMU’s campus food pantry is now located right behind the IRIS counter on LHH first floor. Please feel free to share the availability of the food pantry with students of need, as appropriate. For questions contact Jennifer Penick at
  • Swipe out Hunger- In an effort to bring continued awareness to food insecurities, CMU’s food service partner, Sodexo will be donating one meal for every residential meal plan purchased. Please watch for further updates on this program, including contacts and access. For questions contact
Budget Office
  • Need a refresh on accessing budget information or running reports, contact Jennifer Schmalz at or 970.248.1842.
  • COVID Expenditures –It is important to continue coding any COVID related expenditures with activity code CV2020.
Integrated Resources for Information and Solutions (IRIS) and Student Success and Engagement (SSE)

Have students with questions about finances, scheduling, and advising etc.? IRIS and SSE are now co-located on the first floor of LHH, joining forces to make it easier for students to access an advisor.

IRIS serves as academic advisors for first-time freshmen and students with undeclared majors. Once a student declares a major, they should meet regularly with their faculty advisor. IRIS Advisors are also available to assist all students in completing the financial aid process, understanding student bills, setting up payment plans, and providing financial counseling.

IRIS provides the following services.

  • Registration assistance to build a schedule from scratch or make schedule changes, as needed.
  • Help changing majors; exploring campus academic, wellness, and financial resources; or getting connected to faculty.
  • Financial counseling to help students address outstanding balances or answer questions about their bill or financial options for the upcoming semester.
  • Financial resources for students dealing with a financial hardship can be found here.
  • Help with academic and financials holds, completing academic and financial forms, and generally taking care of administrative business.
  • Gets students connected to the right person or department to get questions answered.

IRIS contact information:

SSE provides individualized academic and support services to targeted populations, including Compass Program (formerly Provisional Baccalaureate) students, GOALS program students, TRIO students (both Classic and STEM programs), students in the Mentoring program and students with support scholarships, such as COSI, Reisher, Guardian, Daniels Fund, and now also incoming first-generation freshmen students. All student populations noted here should be directed to SSE for all their administrative needs. SSE also acts as a resource to students who feel they need a little extra support on their academic path. Students can request support and faculty/staff can refer a student to receive support via the online request form on the webpage. All other students needing assistance should contact IRIS first.

SSE Contact Information

Financial Aid
  • New scholarship programs and COVID-19 financial hardship programs continue to be awarded to students who are registered for Fall 2021 term and will be continuing the Spring 2022 term. These include new scholarships for students to complete a previously started degree and aid specifically for adult learners. You can find more information about options for financial support here.
  • Looking to hire a student worker? Previously, departments had to pay the 25% match out of their departmental student assist budget. Now, Federal and State work study will be treated the same with the match covered by CMU from a central budget.
  • Financial aid contact information:
The Maverick Store
  • Check out the newly remodeled store and new merchandise.
  • A new POS/e-commerce/inventory management solution, NetSuite, has been implemented, providing an enhanced shopping experience on the Maverick Store website.
  • Students can now login to the web store and are provided a list of personalized course materials based on their course registrations and have the ability to purchase their textbooks online for quick pick-up in the Maverick Store or shipping elsewhere. Students shopping in-store at the improved textbook counter can also receive a personalized list. 
Little Mavericks and Mini Mavericks Learning Centers

Childcare is available year-round for children of CMU students, faculty, and staff on a first-come-first-serve basis. Early registration is encouraged as slots fill quickly. Any remaining slots are released to community members. Mini Mavs serves infants six weeks old up to three years of age. Little Mavs serves children ages two through six years. Day programs are available for children in kindergarten up to 12 years old, and are open to the community, during the Summer, on school district non-contact days and Fridays. For further information, visit our website or contact or 970.248.1318.