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GreenToGo Program

How does this affect you?

We are 100% styrofoam free!

  • The best "to go" option from The Caf will be a reusable GreenToGo box. The Caf is the only location using and accepting the GreenToGo box.
  • Chick-fil-A, Einstein Bros, Flat Top Grill, Picante's, Rowdy's, Starbucks, Take 5, Umai and What the Mav? will use a paper-based container for your "to go" orders.

Important things to know

  • green-to-go-keyfob.pngAll students on a residential Meal Plan will receive a key fob.
  • The fob will enable you to receive your first GreenToGo box FREE!
  • Once you've used your GreenToGo box, bring it back the next time an we'll give you another one.
  • If you're eating in The Caf, we'll give you another fob to use the next time you want a "to go" meal.
  • The best part: you don't even have to clean it... we'll do the dishes for you!
  • If you lose your GreenToGo box or key fob, you can purchase a replacement for $5.