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Welcome to Flavours Catering! 

Flavours Catering has exceptional culinary skills and extensive capabilities to satisfy a wide range of catering needs. We are passionate about food and dedicated to make sure things are as perfect as possible for your special occasion! Please use this guide to understand our processes, procedures and expectations as we work together to achieve a smoothly executed and memorable catered event.

From basic coffee services to outdoor events for large groups of people, our goal is to provide you with a full range of high-quality and innovative catering services backed by a diverse, service-oriented staff and a wide range of resources available from our international network.

As a catering service, our main function is food! Our trained, professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of catering services. The quality of your food, however, does not rest upon the chefs alone. Every member of the catering department receives monthly training on food and beverage services, as well as day-to-day experience on the job.

STEP 1: Reserve Your Event Space!

If you are ready to start planning your event, please make sure you first reach out to the University Center at Colorado Mesa University to book your event space.



Reach out to an event coordinator:

Internal CMU Event Coordinator: Tally Danielson | [email protected] | 970.248.1414

Not a CMU student, faculty or staff? No problem! Contact our External Customer Event Coordinator:

External Customer Event Coordinator: Tristen Doxtader | [email protected] | 970.248.1643

University Center Director : Breanne Meier | [email protected] |  970.248.1250

Once you have completed the process of booking your event space, then you can proceed to the Flavours Catering site to begin planning the food portion of your event!

STEP 2 : Preliminary Questionnaire 

Below is a preliminary list of questions you should be prepared to answer as you book your room space and catered event: 
  1.  Have you determined a budget for your event?
  2.  Is your group or organization Tax Exempt?
  3.  Have you booked your room via the University Center staff?
  4.  How many guests do you anticipate?
  5. What is the timeline for your event?
    1. Event begins at what time?
    2. Event ends at what time?
    3. Will you be doing any decorations for your event?
      1. If yes, please factor that into your timeline.
  6. How would you like your room arranged?
    1. Table Service
    2. Reception
    3. Classroom
    4. Theatre Style
  7. Do you require any Audio/Visual Equipment for your setup? If yes, try to be as specific as possible. 
  8. If your event involves food items, please be prepared to answer the following questions:
    1. Would you like a buffet meal, plated meal or reception food?
    2. Do you anticipate offering alcohol or bar service?
      1. If yes, have you filled out the Alcohol Permission Form?
    3. We currently require a bartender for every 50-75 guests as well as security services. Bartenders and Security Officers will need to be present if the bar is in operation and for 30 minutes after last call. 
    4. Please plan that all guests will be screened by our security and bartender staff for proof of age during the event.

Download and Print Questionnaire

Alcohol Permission Form

STEP 3: The Self Booking Process

External Customers:

Book Your Event Here

CMU Internal Customers:

Book Your Event Here

Please note when using the CaterTrax self-booking process, you must be booked at least 7 business days prior to your event. This will allow us to ensure that any special food item can be ordered or dietary need can be met and handled at the highest level possible. If you are less than 7 business days out, please feel free to contact our catering office and we will work with you individually on your event. 970-248-1027

How to Contact Us

When you have a catered event in mind, please contact us as soon as possible. Even if you are not yet sure of the exact event details, it is a good idea to touch base with us as early in the process as possible. 

Some catering arrangements through Flavours Catering can be made by phone or email, but most can be made via the website.

Should the need arise, you may visit our office in person.

We are located at 1455 North 12th Street, Grand Junction, CO, 81501. Our office is in the University Center on the Colorado Mesa University Campus in RM 217. Our office Hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm.

If these hours are not convenient for your schedule, we can make alternate arrangements to meet at a more suitable time. Please be aware that due to the nature of our location, we are closed for some holidays. We will do our best to make you aware of that as early in the planning process as possible.

Flavours Catering Email: [email protected] 

Flavours Catering Phone: 970.248.1027


Menu Planning and Pricing

Our menus feature offerings to meet a wide range of preferences and dietary needs including Sodexo's healthy, award-winning Mindful Menus. Please advise the catering coordinator of all dietary restrictions that require accommodations.

Flavours Catering Policies

Food Removal Policy

Due to health regulations, it is the policy of Flavours Catering at Colorado Mesa University, that any excess food items from events cannot be removed from the event site. Items purchased for pick-up should be properly stored prior to the event and removed and disposed of by the host of the event within 4 hours of pick-up.

China Charges

For most catered events on the Colorado Mesa University Campus, except for receptions, we provide china services. However, for external or off-site events, there will be an additional charge for china if requested for these events.

Full Bar Glass Service: $2.00 additional charge per guest 

Reception China and Silverware: $2.00 additional charge per guest

Full Meal Service and Silverware: $2.00 additional charge per guest 

Floral Charges

We will be happy to order, receive, and handle floral arrangements for you. For decorative requests, an additional fee will be determined in accordance with your specific needs.

Linens and Skirting

We provide house linens and skirting for food and beverage tables at no additional charge. If you would like linen placed on guest's tables for receptions, breaks, meetings, exhibitions or boxed lunch tables, there will be an additional fee of $6.00 for internal customers or $10.00 for external customers. Internal customers that wish to utilize linen with no food purchases will be at a fee fo $10.00 per linen.

Please note, any event that involves full food service will include a variety of house linens to choose from at no additional cost to the guest.

Receptions or Beverage Services will include the linen on the food tables but may be subject to additional cost if the host would like linen on the guest tables.

Alcohol Policy
All alcoholic Beverages must be served by Flavours Catering personnel and consumed in designated areas. Proof of age will be required. Flavours Catering at Colorado Mesa University reserves the right to refuse service of alcoholic beverages to any person. All personnel have completed the Serve Safe Training program for service.

Alcohol Service

If liquor is planned:

  • Full Bar Setup
    • $150.00 per bar 
    • All necessary bar items, except the alcohol are provided with this charge including non-alcoholic beverages, ice, mixers, napkins, and plastic cups
      • An additional charge for glassware will apply
    • Internal Customers: We recommend at least one bartender for every 50-75 guests 
      • $35 bartender fees per hour with a 2-hour minimum
    • External Customers: We recommend at least one bartender for every 50-75 guests
      • $50 bartender fees per hour with a 2-hour minimum
  • Beer and Wine Setup
    • $75 per bar
    • All necessary bar items, except the alcohol are provided with this charge including non-alcoholic beverages, ice, mixers, napkins and plastic cups.
      • An additional charge for glassware will apply
    • Internal Customers: We recommend at least one bartender for every 50-75 guests
      • $35 bartender fees per hour with a 2-hour minimum
    • External Customers: We recommend at least one bartender for every 50-75 guests
      • $50 bartender fees per hour with a 2-hour minimum

Please note that to offer alcohol at any event, the guest host must have filled out and submitted a Permission to Service alcohol form at least 2 weeks prior to your event. 

Alcohol Permission Form

Guest Counts and Guarantees:

A guest attendance estimate is provided upon booking an event. The guaranteed or final guest count is due 72 business hours prior to the event. If no guarantee or final guest count is provided, your estimated attendance becomes your guarantee or actual guest attendance, whichever is greater.

Last minute event needs are inevitable, and we make every effort to accommodate your requests. The menu and list pricing are based on minimum guest counts and meeting our planning deadlines. 

Your final event confirmation will include requested revisions and pricing may be updated to accommodate your needs.

Event Payment

Payment for your event will be held in the following manner:

Internal Customers:

Guests will receive confirmations for their events.

Upon completion of the event, a final invoice will be sent to the event contact for final approval.

Payment will be made via the CMU business office via an organization code / number.

External Customers:

A 50% deposit will be required 14 days prior to your event. 

Upon completion of the event, a final bill will be put together including all food and facility costs and submitted to the host for payment. 

The invoice will be outlined in full detail all costs associated with the event including any partial payments made towards the event.

Confirmations, Revisions & Cancellations

Confirmations: A catering confirmation is provided upon placing an order. 

Please review the confirmation for accuracy including the date, times, menu selections, guest attendance and additional details. 

Confirmation of the order denotes your agreement with the listed information including logistics, menus, amenities and pricing.

Revisions: Please contact us immediately to update the needed information. Final revisions are due 72 business hours prior to the event. 

Confirmation of the revisions denotes your agreement with the listed information including logistics, menus, amenities, and pricing.

Cancellations: Cancellations are due at least 96 business hours prior to your event. Cancellations of "Market Price" and custom items may be billed for expenses incurred.

View our catering guide

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!