Summer Housing

Apply now on MyHousing, under the Campus Life tab in MAVzone! Colorado Mesa Residence Life offers summer housing in North Avenue Apartments. Summer housing residents are required to be regularly enrolled students for Fall 2017 semester, and are not required to take summer classes or work on campus during summer. If you have a North Ave Apartment assignment for Fall 2017, apply by May 1 to be assigned to that space for the summer.


Enjoy competitive rates which include all utilities, cable, internet, local phone and laundry. (Subject to change prior to Summer 2018)

Daily rate of $15.00 per day for a North Avenue Apartment Double (Summer 2017 rates)

Daily rate of $20.00 per day for a North Avenue Apartment Single (Summer 2017 rates)

Limited space is available.

Summer Application

The summer housing application will be available starting April 3 at "Applications" via MyHousing on the Campus Life tab in MAVzone. You must be accepted to Colorado Mesa University and registered for Fall 2017 term classes for your application to be processed. If you do not have a deposit on file, you will need to remit the $25.00 application processing fee and $125.00 deposit with the submission of your application.

General Summer Housing Information

Spring to Summer Residents

Residents who stay on campus from spring into summer will reside in their spring assignment for approximately one week after the residence halls close before moving into their summer assignment. This allows time for spring apartment occupants to move out and for the apartments to be cleaned for new residents. Summer housing charges begin the first day after the official residence hall closing date for spring semester.

New Summer Residents

Summer housing applicants who do not live on campus during the spring semester (new residents), move in starting on May 19, 2017. Summer housing charges will be prorated from the day the new resident moves onto campus, through the final day of checkout. (NOTE: First Session classes begin on May 12, 2017. You will have to make alternate stay arrangements if you do not currently live on campus, until you can check in on May 19, 2017.)

Transitions between Summer Sessions

If you are residing on campus for different sessions, (i.e. you are here for one week in May then leave and return for another week in June), you MUST check in and check out, even if you are assigned to the same room for both sessions. Each time you leave you must take your belongings with you, as we may need to use the room while you are gone.

Summer to Fall Residents

Summer housing residents residing on campus for the fall semester move to their fall assignments on July 28, 2017. Summer housing charges still apply up until the official opening of the residence halls for the fall semester.

Summer Residents Not On Campus for Fall

Summer residents who are not living on campus for the fall semester cannot reserve summer housing past July 28, 2017. Summer residents who are not registered for fall must move out of their space the day after the completion of their summer class session. Final arrangements must be made to move off campus by July 28, 2017 for students in the final summer session.

Summer class session dates and move out dates

May 15 - June 8

First Session (Move in May 19)

June 9

Move out of Residence Hall

June 12 - July 6

Second Session (Move in June 11)

July 7

Move out of Residence Hall

June 12 - July 27

Seven-Week Session (Move in June 11)

July 28

Move out of Residence Hall

July 10 - July 27

Third Session (Move in July 9)

July 31

Move out of Residence Hall

May 15- July 27

11-week Session (Move in May 19)

July 28

Move out of Residence Hall

Dates subject to change.