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The mission of TRIO-SSS at Colorado Mesa University is to assist participants in achieving their academic potential and expanding cultural horizons through one-on-one interactions and group activities. 
TRIO Explanation Video
What TRIO-SSS Can Provide for You ...
Through workshops, individualized attention and mentoring, TRIO staff assists students in achieving their academic, personal, financial and professional goals.

Academic Support

  • Academic Advising
  • Individualized Tutoring
  • Academic Enrichment Workshops
  • Registration Assistance
  • Technology Resources
  • Free Printing
  • Access to Onsite Private Study Space
  • Peer Academic Coaching
  • Major Exploration

Personal Development

  • Goal Setting and Action Planning
  • Social and Cultural Enrichment Activities
  • Individualized Mentoring and Coaching
  • Personal Enrichment (Time and stress management, etc. )
  • Making the Most Out of Your College Experience

Financial Planning

  • Financial Aid Advising
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Personal Economic Literacy
  • Personal Budgeting

Professional Development

  • Career Exploration
  • Leadership Development
  • Graduate School Preparation
  • Employment Readiness

STEM Specific Programming

  • Science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health science majors are all included in the TRIO-STEM program
  • Support with STEM gateway courses
  • STEM peer coaches/tutors
  • All other services listed here also available to STEM participants!

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for TRIO-SSS services, participants must be enrolled as a full-time student at CMU and enrolled in a four-year degree.  Participants must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

If you can "yes" to any of the below statements, you may be eligible: 

  • Neither of my parents graduated from a four-year college.
  • I am a student that may meet low income guidelines.
  • I am a student with a documented disability.

TRIO Works!  

2019-2020 TRIO graduates

Program Highlights: 

The TRIO-SSS program is now in its seventh year and is sponsored by Colorado Mesa University and the U.S. Department of Education.  TRIO is here to provide students the support they need to achieve academic success and act as "one-stop shop" for students as they navigate through their college career.  This program is funded to provide academic and personal support, throughout the student's academic journey at Colorado Mesa University, and to increase retention and graduation rates.  To learn more about our program services and accomplishments, please review the annual report.

2019-2020 Annual Report

2018-2019 Annual Report

2017-2018 Annual Report

2016-2017 Annual Report

2015-2016 Annual Report

2014-2015 Annual Report

Funding Sources

The United States Department of Education funds Colorado Mesa University's (CMU) TRIO SSS STEM 99% at $1,309,440. Non federal funding from CMU, at 1% at $3,300.

The United States Department of Education funds Colorado Mesa University's (CMU) TRIO SSS Regular 99% at $1,309,440. Non federal funding from CMU, at 1% at $3,300.