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Admission to the Center for Teacher Education (CTE) is required before students may enroll in 300 or 400 level education courses. The required application pieces are listed below and in the application packet:

Application Packet & Handouts

Admission Deadlines & Decisions:

  • Application items may be submitted via email to [email protected].
  • Communication regarding requirements is conducted via CMU email.
  • Notification of admission decisions are by mail.
  • Once admitted, students may enroll in upper level education courses.
  • Students will be considered for admission only after ALL admission materials are received & requirements are met.
    1. Form A: Students apply to the Teacher Education program before or during their junior year.
      • Must be received by October 15th for spring
      • Must be received by March 15th for fall admittance
    2. Philosophy Statement: Students are required to submit a one to two page essay describing their educational philosophy. This is normally developed in the EDUC 115 & 215 courses.
    3. Transcripts: Students must submit transcripts of course work from all higher education institutions attended.
      • Unofficial copies are accepted.
      • Overall GPA must be 2.8 or above for admittance and continuance in the program.
      • A grade of C is the minimally-accepted grade for essential learning and major course work, unless otherwise specified.
      • Students must have a B or better in all education courses.
    4. DegreeWorks Report: Students are required to submit an Academic Report from DegreeWorks to show proof of credit hours and other application requirements.
      • A minimum of 60 - 75 credit hours of general education and content area coursework must be completed with a minimum GPA of 2.80 before a candidate may apply for admission to the Center for Teacher Education elementary licensure program.
    5. Completed Course Planning Sheet or DegreeWorks Student Planner
      • Must be signed by content and education faculty advisors.
    6. CDE eLicensing Background Check Results
    7. Praxis Writing Exam Score Report
      • Writing Exam Code: 5723 or 5722.
      • Passing score is 162. 
      • A score of 152-161 on the exam may allow for provisional admittance--see packet Details page for more information
    8. Proof of Basics Skills Form
      • Successful completion of the following courses or approved equivalent courses with a grade of B or better is required: ENGL 111 & 112; PSYC 233; EDUC 115 & 215.
      • Successful completion of major-specific math courses--see form for grade requirements.
    9. Signed Teacher Candidate Expectations Form
    10. Three Recommendation Forms--see packet Details page for more information

Student Responsibilities

  • Students are responsible for submitting a complete application.
  • Students are responsible for verifying that all components of the application have been received, including checking the status of recommendation forms.
  • Applications are kept on file for one year from the application deadline. Students must reapply if not accepted during the one year application period.
  • Applicants and teacher candidates are expected to remain current on the CTE policies outlined in the Advising and Internship handbooks.