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Most colleges offer a traditional language curriculum. Our program is designed to move the student beyond the classroom to bond or connect in a real way with the Hispanic world and the growing number of Spanish speakers in Colorado.


Professional career opportunities for Spanish majors are as diverse as each person's individual interests and hopefully will be supported by the steady increase in the number of Spanish speakers in the US. Spanish majors typically seek opportunities in the following areas: business, education, government, social services, health care, and law enforcement. In order to address the variety of interests, students majoring in Spanish can choose from one of the following concentrations:

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As part of our their overall academic experience, students complete a the Spanish Practicum (FLAS 498), which is designed to give Spanish majors practical experience in their field(s) of study. Due to this characteristic, a sense of flexibility is implied in the development of each practicum in order to meet the individual student's needs and desired outcomes or goals. For information on this student-tailored course, please read the following document:

If you would like to declare a major in Spanish, please contact:

Shannon Davidson

Office: Escalante Hall 237

Phone: 970.248.1687

Email: [email protected]