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Majors in Spanish and Hispanic Studies at Colorado Mesa University take classes that provide knowledge and skills intended to produce effective communication in Spanish, as well as an understanding of the relationship of the Spanish language and its cultures to the world in which we live. Spanish and Hispanic Studies majors gain valuable insights into Peninsular and Latin-American language and literature, their histories and their cultures. Students are also introduced to the linguistic properties of the Spanish language, with a focused study of Spanish phonetics and phonology. Students take classes which provide insights into Spanish in the professions, such as translation, interpreting, and medical. Spanish graduates work in a variety of professions, where they apply their cultural competencies and in many instances continue their studies in graduate schools.

Please see the Hispanic Studies Program for specific requirements regarding the this major. 

Expected Student Learning Outcomes for this Major

All CMU baccalaureate graduates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in critical thinking, communication fluency, quantitative fluency, and specialized knowledge/applied learning. In addition to these campus-wide student learning outcomes, graduates of this major will be able to:

In addition to these campus-wide student learning outcomes, graduates of this major will be able to:

  1. Express themselves coherently in written and oral Spanish. (Communication Fluency)
  2. Apply knowledge of the structure of the Spanish language, including syntax, phonetics/phonology, and morphology in speech and writing. (Applied Learning)
  3. Demonstrate an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of important literary and artistic movements/works, linguistics, history, translation, interpretation, and/or cultural aspects in relation to the Spanish-speaking world. (Specialized Knowledge)
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of the linguistic variations that exist in the Spanish speaking world. (Specialized Knowledge)
  5. Develop a research project focused on the application of Spanish in an area of the student’s choosing (e.g. analyzes significant literary movements/works and the authors; the application of Spanish in a professional context; second language acquisition or teaching methodologies). (Critical Thinking)
  6. Compare commonalities and differences between Hispanic and other U.S. cultures. (Critical Thinking)

Declare a Major

If you would like to declare a major in Spanish, please contact:

Shannon Davidson

Office: Escalante Hall 237

Phone: 970.248.1687

Email: [email protected]