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This table is designed to provide an estimate of the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program cost. Please keep in mind that tuition and fees are subject to change and the cost of additional required elements of the program will vary by student. The Physical Therapy Financial Fact Sheet can be accessed here

In-State Tuition and Fees

Total estimated program tuition and fees for in-state students. Includes additional (estimated) program costs.

Out-of-State Tuition and Fees

Total estimated program tuition and fees for out-of-state students. Includes additional (estimated) program costs.

Estimated Tuition*
In State Program Tuition $57,470
Out of State Program Tuition $89,644
University Fees (assessed per credit) $4,322
Course Fees (1) $1,000
Graduate Matriculation Fee $140
Additional Program Costs
Textbooks $3,000
Lab Kit (2) $100
CPR certification $25
APTA dues (National + CO chapter) (3) $300
EXXAT (PM & AM) (4) $255
Immunizations/TB test/Flu shot $250
Background Check - Certiphi (5) $80
Drug Screen - for clinicals (6) $100
Liability Insurance - HPSO (7) $84
Technology (e.g. computer) $1,200
Certified Background - HIPAA/OSHA (8) $35
My Clinical Exchange  $42


*Tuition and fees are based on established rates which are subject to annual increases. Out-of-State tuition calculation assumes student not considered a Colorado resident for the duration of the program. Should a student establish residency after the first year, tuition costs would be less.

(1) Course fees: Cadavers, Anatomy supplies, Practice Examination Assessment Tool (PEAT), National Physical Therapy Exam review course (Scorebuilders)
(2) Lab kit will include clinical supplies student will use for duration of program - reflex hammer, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, tape measure, goniometer
(3) APTA student dues (National + State) = $100/year
(4) These are fees associated with software necessary for clinical education and tracking CE requirements (e.g. immunizations)
(5) Certiphi has partnered with the APTA and has a seamless process for performing background checks, notifying students and programs
(6) Drug screen - ~$50 per. Prior to clinical rotations
(7) Professional liability insurance during final two years of program ($42/year)
(8) Certified Background - Online training with certification for HIPAA and OSHA