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The Physical Therapy program aspires to graduate a diverse group of evidence-based physical therapists that exemplify excellence in professionalism, communication and patient care from a contemporary program that:

  • Employs a talented cadre of faculty committed to exceptional teaching, scholarship & service;
  • Endorses physical activity & a healthy life-style;
  • Is competitively priced; 

culminating with the graduates serving the physical therapy needs of Colorado and beyond.

Student Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the doctoral program in Physical Therapy, the student/graduate will:

  1. Practice in a safe manner that minimizes the risk to patient, self and others.
  2. Demonstrate professional behavior in all situations.
  3. Practice in a manner consistent with established legal and professional standards and ethical guidelines.
  4. Communicate in ways that are congruent with situational needs.
  5. Adapt the delivery of physical therapy services with consideration of patients’ differences, values, preferences and needs.
  6. Participate in self-assessment to improve clinical and professional performance.
  7. Apply current knowledge, theory, clinical judgment and the patient’s values and perspective in patient management.
  8. Determine with each patient encounter the patient’s need for further examination or consultation by a physical therapist or referral to another health care professional.
  9. Perform a physical therapy patient examination using evidenced-based tests and measures.
  10. Evaluate data from the patient examination (history, systems review, and tests & measures) to make clinical judgments
  11. Determines a diagnosis and prognosis that guides future patient management.
  12. Establishes a physical therapy plan of care that is safe, effective, patient-centered and evidence-based.
  13. Performs physical therapy interventions in a competent manner.
  14. Educates others (patients, caregivers, staff, students, other health care providers, business and industry representatives, school systems) using relevant teaching methods.
  15. Produces quality documentation in a timely manner to support the delivery of physical therapy services.
  16. Collects and analyzes data from selected outcome measures in a manner that supports accurate analysis of individual patient and group outcomes.
  17. Participates in the financial management of the physical therapy service consistent with regulatory, legal and facility guidelines.
  18. Directs and supervises personnel to meet patient’s goals and expected outcomes according to legal standards and ethical guidelines.
  19. Perceive exercise to be favorable for physical and mental health.
  20. Integrate prevention, health education and wellness initiatives into their lives, the lives of their patients and those of the general population.