Program Overview

The entry-level MSOT program prepares students to become qualified occupational therapists.  The curriculum focuses on a student-centric approach that welcomes diversity and produces excellence in critical thinking with an overarching focus on creativity, ethical decision-making, and social responsibility in occupation-centered practice, resulting in the promotion of health and well-being for a diverse society.

The didactic portion of the curriculum will prepare students to be scholars of practice using practical
applications from casework, simulated case studies, and the experiential component of Level I Fieldwork. Level I and Level II Fieldwork will both require the student to integrate the curricular threads of occupation-based practice and ethical decision-making for the promotion of health and well-being for individuals, communities, and populations.

The didactic portion of this program includes four semesters of primarily on-campus coursework with integrated Level I fieldwork experiences followed by two, 3-month Level II fieldwork placements. The program requires successful completion of all academic courses and integrated fieldwork experiences.  

The two-year, full time, MSOT program requires completion of 24 weeks of internship (Level II Fieldwork), inclusive of an online Fieldwork seminar. The on-campus, hybrid coursework is full time and consists of daytime and weekday classes. Level II Fieldwork occurs after the 4 semesters of primarily on-campus work during academic year 2.

Beginning with the Spring semester, every student will participate in Level I Fieldwork for 4 consecutive semesters. The purpose of Level I Fieldwork is to provide students with practical knowledge of practice settings and populations served in the Grand Junction area. Students will have the opportunity to debrief their fieldwork experience with faculty and peers each semester while enrolled in Level I Fieldwork Seminar.

The MSOT program begins in the Spring semester and courses are sequential. There are no options for a Fall semester entrance into the program. Students must complete Level II Fieldwork within 12 months following completion of the didactic portion of the curriculum.