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Supervisors will provide training and guidance to the student employees to help them gain experience in the work place. Supervisors serve as a role model by demonstrating good work habits and follow through with employment responsibilities. 

Hiring Student Workers

Student Payroll Forms for Supervisors

New Student Worker Form

The Work Authorization Card is used to hire student(s) who've not worked for your Org before.

You have to download and save the WAC card onto your computer and use the saved file to fill out and submit. The file that opens from the link will not allow you to submit. Please see the instructions below.

Work Authorization Card

Instructions: See the links below for step-by-step instructions on how to fill out a WAC card.

Returning Student Worker Form

The Returning Student Employee Worksheet is used to rehire student(s) who've worked for your Org before.

Returning Student Employee Worksheet (RSEW)

Other Forms

The Raise Worksheet is used to adjust your student workers’ wages.

The Termination Worksheet is used to terminate a student worker's employment with your department.

The Funding Update Form is used used to change a student’s funding type from either student assist to work-study or work-study to student assist. Students who earn their full work-study amount will be automatically changed to student assist. Students must have an active work-study offer to move from student assist. 

More resources for supervisors