Physics Seminars

The Physics Program at Colorado Mesa University holds weekly seminars during the academic year. Each seminar consists of a physics-related presentation by a CMU faculty member, student or a visitor. These are free and open to all. Coffee and cookies will be provided.

Fall 2018

Thursdays, 12:30-1:20

Wubben Science 264


  • August 30th: Dr. David Collins, Physics, Colorado Mesa University, "Definitive Quantum Paradoxes" 
  • September 6th: Dr. Jared Workman Physics, Colorado Mesa University, "Generalization of the Linearized Magnetohydrodynamic Navier Stokes Equations with Applications to Exoplanetary Atmospheres"  
  • September 13th: Dr. Andy Shiekh, Physics, Colorado Mesa University, "Quantum Errors, Correction Versus Avoidance"
  • September 20th: Alecia Dembowski, Career Services, Colorado Mesa University
  • September 27th: John Fusco, Director of Superconducting Systems,  and Dr. Aaron Pesetski, Technical Director, Northrop Grumman Corporation, "Careers at Northrop Gruman"
  • October 4th: Justin Endicott, Physics, Colorado Mesa University
  • October 11th: Sean Snediker, Engineering, Colorado Mesa University, "Statiustical Analysis of a Battery Quality Test"
  • October 18th: Gregory Gonzales, Engineering, Colorado Mesa University, "Strain Gauge and Load Cell Analysis"
  • October 25th: Nicholas Wright, Physics, Colorado Mesa University
  • November 1st: No Seminar
  • November 8th: Abraham Selenke, Physics, Colorado Mesa University, "Use of a Peltuer Device for Heating or Cooling Stages for a Raman System"
  • November 15th: Shawn Fox, Physics, Colorado Mesa University, "An introduction to FRW Cosmology in D Dimensions"
  • November 22nd: Thanksgiving Break
  • November 29th: Josh Lindsey, Physics, Colorado Mesa University, "Analytical Models of Exoplaneteray Atmospheres Using the Shallow Water Model"
  • December 6th: