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As a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council, the Academic Honors Program at Colorado Mesa University (CMU) offers highly motivated undergraduates enriched studies in their academic major. Completion of honors requirements varies by academic program, but each includes opportunities for students to actively engage in more advanced study through coursework and a capstone project that can include research or creative work presented in a scholarly venue. Students completing a program's academic honors requirements are recognized at CMU's Commencement Ceremony.

Application Process and Qualifications

General: Students seeking participation in an Academic Honors Program must have earned at least 45 semester credit hours with a minimum 3.5 grade point average GPA at the time of application. An application process occurs each spring semester, and interested students should contact the Academic Department Head for the application deadline. In addition to the credit hour and g.p.a. qualifications, an applicant also should submit:

  • an application form obtained from the program contact shown below; and
  • a summary of no more than one, single-spaced page that
    1. details the applicant's scholarly background, community and/or University service, and academic awards; and
    2. describes briefly why s/he is applying for an academic honors program of study.

Admission to the Honors Program is competitive. Applications will be reviewed by faculty members in the appropriate program/department, and students will be notified on their acceptance status within the timeframe indicated in the program-specific information.

Physics Program: The following additional requirements apply to applicants for honors in physics.

  1. Students have completed PHYS 131, PHYS 131L, PHYS 132, PHYS 132L, PHYS 230 and PHYS 231. A student who attains an A in each of PHYS 111 and 111L may substitute these for PHYS 131 and 131L with the permission of physics faculty members.
  2. The minimum grade in each of the courses listed in 1) is a B and the minimum GPA for all of these courses is 3.75
  3. The student must be a physics major and have a physics faculty sponsor.

Program Requirements

General Requirements: All students completing an Academic Honors program of study are expected to complete a senior capstone activity. The activity can range from an honor's thesis to a creative work to an undergraduate research project. Additionally, students must present the results of their activity in a scholarly venue approved by their Academic Honors Program advisor (e.g., CMU's Student Showcase, a regional meeting for the relevant discipline).

Requirements Specific to Physics Majors: Student must complete the following requirements to receive honors in physics:

  • Complete all courses required for the physics major (with the possible substitution of PHYS 487 for one semester of PHYS 482 as described below).
  • Complete a research project which carries a total of 3 credit hours. This can be accomplished by taking any combination, totaling 3 credit hours, of PHYS 482 Senior Research and PHYS 487 Structured Research subject to the following: at least two such courses must be taken, at least one must be PHYS 482 and the courses must be taken in successive semesters. The student must work with the same supervisor and on the same research project for the entire 3 credit hour span of these courses. The project must contain original research.
  • Present their honors work in a public seminar.
  • Complete two of the following courses on an honors basis: PHYS 311, PHYS 312, PHYS 321, PHYS 342, PHYS 362, PHYS 422, PHYS 441, PHYS 471, PHYS 472, PHYS 473. An honors basis version of one of these courses will consist of the conventional course plus additional assignments that will be determined by the course instructor in consultation of other physics faculty members.
  • Achieve at least a B in each physics major requirement course (as listed in the standard BS in Physics program sheet) and research project courses.
  • Achieve a minimum GPA for all physics major requirement courses (as listed in the standard BS in Physics program sheet) and research project courses of 3.75.

Program Contact

David Collins
[email protected]

Academic Honors Program Application

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