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Lost/Stolen Card: $15.00

If someone has stolen your MAVcard, or you have simply misplaced it, follow these simple steps to get another one.

1) IMMEDIATELY call or stop by the MAVcard office to put a hold on your account so nobody can use your meal plan, MAVmoney, or Flex account.

2) If your MAVcard was activated as an ATM card/pin based debit card for your US Bank Checking account don't panic, the they would still need to know your PIN (Personal Identification Number) before they could access funds. But just to make sure, you do need to call 1.800.U.S.BANKS (1.800.872.2651) to cancel the account.

3) If after all of this you can't find your MAVcard, come to the MAVcard office and get a new one for a fee of $15.00. Also remember to re-link your new MAVcard to your U.S. Bank Checking account.

Please note: Any MAVmoney or FLEXmoney on your card is like cash and can be used by anyone if the card is not put on hold immediately after misplacing it. The cardholder is responsible for any purchases debited/charged to the account prior to MAVcard Office notification. Failure to notify the MAVcard Office of your lost or stolen card will result in non-refundable lost funds. For more information on your MAVcard accounts, please refer to the Terms and Conditions and the Disclosure Statement.

If you happen to find your lost card, please destroy it so you do not confuse the two cards. We are unable to reactivate a previously lost card once a new card has been issued.

If you find a card on campus, please bring it to the MAVcard Office. All lost-and-found cards are filed and kept for the current academic semester. If you lose your card, please check at the MAVcard Office to see if someone has turned it in.

If your card isn't working properly don't throw it away. Bring in the old card so the MAVcard office can replace it for a fee of $5. Failure to present the old card will result in a lost card classification, a reissue of MAVcard numbers on the card face, and patrons will then need to pay the lost card fee of $15.00.

The CMU MAVcard Office uses quality student ID products, but due to heavy use and wear and tear, a card may need to be replaced during your university career. Classification for a replacement card includes worn pictures, damaged magnetic strips, name changes, status changes, or MAVcards that have been broken, but you still have all the pieces of that card.

With replacement cards, the MAVcard numbers on the card face are not reissued. Therefore, in order to receive a replacement card, patrons must hand in the old card that needs to be replaced and pay a fee of $5.00.