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Once a student is admitted and enrolled at Colorado Mesa University, the student must obtain a MAVcard.

As a student who is taking online classes only, you can receive a Colorado Mesa University MAVcard by mail. To receive your CMU MAVcard, please follow the instructions below. Your CMU MAVcard will be mailed to you in approximately 1-2 weeks.

Your first MAVcard costs $15. By submitting this request you are authorizing the MAVcard Office to post the $15 charge to your student account and agreeing to the CMU MAVcard Terms and Conditions and CMU MAVcard Disclosure Statement.

To request a MAVcard, from a Colorado Mesa University email account, please email the following information to [email protected]

  1. Email Subject Line: Distance Learning MAVcard Request
  2. Your Full Name
  3. CMU ID (700#)
  4. A statement requesting to have your MAVcard mailed to you

We do not accept requests sent from an email account other than a Colorado Mesa University email account.

**You must also submit a MyPhoto photo submission that meets the MAVcard requirements. To submit a photo, log in to MAVzone, and find the MyPhotos App.  You may need to click “All Apps” to locate it

Please note that only students enrolled in online courses and living outside of the Grand Valley are eligible to receive a MAVcard via mail.