MAVcard Office Frequently Asked Questions

In order to keep a MAVcard in great working conditions, these steps should be followed:

  • Avoid putting your MAVcard next to any other card in your wallet. Putting it next to other cards can demagnetize your card and make it ineffective.
  • Avoid keeping your card next to your cell phone. A cell phone can demagnetize your card and make it ineffective.
  • Please keep your card in an area that the magnetic stripe will not rub against other sharp or rough surfaces.
  • Do not bend your card.
  • Do not expose the MAVcard to excessive heat.
  • Do not punch holes in the card, especially in the magnetic stripe.
There could be a number of reasons. Please bring your card to the MAVcard Office and we will diagnose the problem for you.
Sorry, but there is no way to reactivate the previously lost card. The card is read by the numbers encoded on them, and when you get a new MAVcard, it deletes the old numbers so they aren't recoverable and reissues new card numbers.
If the MAVmoney on the card is money that the student/parents have deposited on to their card, separate from Resident Life Meal Plans A & B, it will stay on the card until the student officially withdraws or graduates.

However, if it is the MAVmoney that accompanies your Residence Life Meal Plan A or B, it will not rollover at the end of the scholastic year. In between semesters (fall to spring) the money will rollover, but not after the scholastic year has ended.

The MAVcard, though small in size, is quite smart when paired with our established software. Each point-of-use for the MAVcards are equipped with MAVcard readers. Each reader, dependent on their location and the type of payment they take, is then programmed to accept funds only from the appropriate account on your MAVcard.
Contact us in the MAVcard Office at 970.248.1059, or stop in and come see us on the first floor of the University Center.
Though it is not in plain site, there is a chip embedded in your new MAVcard. This chip has nothing to do with your banking affiliation or accounts. It cannot be used like credit or debit card chips. This chip allows you to make contactless purchases at Sodexo food outlets on campus.

If you are a current CMU Student, Faculty or Staff, may purchase Meal Plans, MAVmoney, or Flex money by visiting the MAVcard office or by clicking here.

If you are a parent or guardian of a CMU Student, you may make the purchase for your student by clicking here.