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Members of the media are welcome on the Colorado Mesa University campuses. We do ask that you contact Marketing and Communications before your visit so you will have access to the areas, buildings and people necessary to complete your story. Additionally, we can provide you with a parking pass for centrally located parking areas.

The faculty and staff of the university are open to talking with reporters, but generally will refer questions to the Manager of Media Relations unless arranged in advance. University employees will also notify Media Relations when media crews or reporters are on the campus. Advance notice to Marketing and Communications of a campus visit will assure that you will have little trouble obtaining interviews and access.

When interviewing faculty and staff members, please be aware that the opinions and views expressed do not necessarily reflect the official stance of Colorado Mesa University. For an official statement regarding the University's position on a certain topic or issue, please contact Marketing and Communications.

For the safety and privacy of students, photography or videography is expressly prohibited in residence halls, classrooms and the Hamilton Recreation Center without the prior approval of Marketing and Communications. We are willing to assist reporters, photographers, and videographers in accessing these areas for story footage, file photos, interviews, and B-roll, but we need to make arrangements in advance with the faculty or staff members in charge of the area.

Marketing and Communications also works to provide access to the Colorado Mesa University campuses and community for production of commercials, television shows, movies, and documentaries. Special arrangements may be made to provide education-related props. Commercial production companies and non-news related media personnel MUST contact the Media Relations Manager prior to a campus visit.

During an emergency, the President of Colorado Mesa University, a designated representative of the President of Colorado Mesa University, or ANY law enforcement or fire personnel can prohibit public (thus media) access to the University's campuses or sites. In the event of evacuations or emergency, the Manager of Media Relations will establish a secondary location for the dissemination of information. Every attempt will be made to provide safe, legal, accurate and quick access to information and photo/video locations.

For more information, please contact Kelsey Coleman, Manager of Media Relations Relations, at 970.248.1625 or [email protected]