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MAVzone is CMU's campus portal that enables you to manage your college career. Log in to MAVzone and everything is right at your fingertips. Campus updates, personal information, current tasks to perform, and Applications, which provides everything, service and software, you'll ever need.

Use the DASHBOARD to find Apps, Campus Updates, check on tasks you need to complete and report an incident.

APPLICATIONS is a directory of every online service or application you will ever need. Favorite an App by clicking the Gold Star on the App Tile. Unfamiliar with an App? Hover over the Question Mark bubble on the App Tile for a brief explanation.

MY ACCOUNT is where you find your information about your student account, advisors and courses. For example, you can find your 700 number here (be sure to memorize this number). Use the quick links to keep your information current.

Keep an eye on MY TASKS! You have something to complete when you see a Red Exclamation Point.

MAVzone is easy to use and mobile friendly. The best way to learn how to use it is to dive in and experience it!  Just click the link below and begin exploring all that MAVzone has to offer.