Get Connected

Wireless networking is available and supported in all of the Residence Halls, most classroom buildings, the University Center and the Maverick Center.  The CMU WiFi wireless network is available to students, faculty and staff. CMU WiFi is encrypted and requires a MAVzone user name and password and annual device registration. CMU WiFi provides access to services like email, Internet, and limited network printing.

Using your personal mobile computer, you can print through the CMU WiFi network to many of the networked printers around campus using MAVprint. Follow the steps below to get started. Note: You must have administrative access to your computer.

Windows Users:

  1. Download and install MAVprint webclient. Windows Version
  2. Next you must run the following command, specifying the name of the printer at the end of the command.  First, identify the printer name by visiting the printer and make note of the name affixed to the top of the printer on a white label.

  3. Now, on your computers, press WinLogo Key + R.  This will bring up the Run dialog box.

  4. Type the following command into the Run dialog box:

    Rundll32 printui.dll PrintUIEntry /in /n\\goprint\name of printer

    Run dialog box

  5. Click OK.  A prompt will appear asking if you trust this printer.  Click Install driver.

  6. Repeat steps 2 - 6 for any additional printers.

Now, when you submit a print job to one of these printers, the MAVprint webclient pop-up will appear. Log in using your MAVzone username and password. Your print job will appear. Click the box to the left of the print job and click the Pay and Print button.

  1. Open System Preferences from the Apple menu
  2. Select the Print & Scan item
    Image highlighting the print and scan icon
  3. Click the '+' to add a new printer
    Image highlighting the plus button
  4. From the list of printers that appear, select the printer you want to add. On-campus printers begin with CMU.

    Choose printer to install
  5. Click Add, then follow the on-screen instructions to add the printer.  Repeat steps 3 - 4 to add additional printers.
  6. Now, after submitting a job to printing simply visit the MAVprint portal to release your job(s).

Visitors to campus can receive temporary access to our visitor wireless network, CMU Visitor. You must be sponsored by your student, or faculty/staff member whom you are visiting.

Sponsor requests for up to 20 people and for one or two days duration will receive immediate approval.  After sponsors submit the request, the login name and password for your visitor will appear on the request screen. You will also receive an email with this username and password within a few hours.

Sponsor requests for more than 20 people or more than two days will be approved or denied within two days after submission and you will receive an email to that affect. The username and password will still appear on the request screen after submission, but the status will appear as PENDING until it is approved. Sponsors must submit requests in advance of events, especially when requesting weekend access to have enough time for the request to be processed.

Follow the steps below to sponsor visitor access to the CMU Visitor wireless network.

  1. Click this link, Request WiFi Access for a Visitor.  Be sure to enter the Description/purpose of event box and provide a reasonable description for your request.  If this is left blank, the request will be denied automatically. 
  2. After you fill out the form, click the Make a request button to submit your request.  Next, make note of the Guest login name and Guest password that are assigned for your visitor.  These are the credentials that your visitor will use when connecting to CMU Visitor.

Your visitor should perform the following steps on their device to connect to the CMU Visitor WiFi network.

  1. Look for the wireless network called CMU Visitor on your device and choose that network.
  2. Your device should load a web page as shown below.

    Visitor WiFi ReDirect Window

  3. On this page select the Visitor Login link. On the next page shown below, enter the credentials provided to you by your sponsor. 

    Visitor WiFi Login Window

  4. Then click the Login button.
  5. Your device will then be connected to CMU Visitor and you will have Internet access.