Get Started: Faculty/Staff: CMU Logon

New faculty and staff accounts are created during the check-in process for new employees. During the check-in, you will visit the Information Technology department, Lowell Heiny Hall 214, and set up an account in conjunction with viewing and acknowledging the Acceptable Use Agreement. Your account will usually be created at that visit, but if any special steps are needed, you will be contacted by the IT Department later with your username and initial password. Your manager will know the network resources and software applications you will need access to and will communicate those needs to Information Technology.

Your username will typically be your first initial and last name, up to a maximum of 14 characters. Because of conflicts between people who have the same or similar names, your username may be somewhat different. If you have forgotten your network username, you may look it up in the Campus Directory. If you ever forget your password, contact the Help Desk at 970.248.2111.

Never divulge your password and don't write it down.  Do not leave your office computer logged in while you are away; either log out or lock the computer by pressing WinLogo Key + L for Windows computers or Control+Shift+Eject, or Control+Shift+Power for Apple Computers.  Do not let people use any other campus computer when you are logged on. This is especially important in classrooms and computer labs and be sure to log off when leaving these public spaces.