Time Off & Leave

Colorado Mesa University & the State of Colorado recognizes that there may be circumstances in an employee's lives, both planned and unplanned which require the employee to be away from work. For this reason, CMU and the State has established a number of leave options to accommodate the employee and his or her family. As professionals, we know that regular attendance is an essential part of our job. Use your leave responsibly and follow your department's and Colorado Mesa University's policies for requesting and reporting absences. Any leave should be requested as far in advance as possible.

Noted below is general information about the various leave policies provided by Colorado Mesa University and the State of Colorado. Please refer to the Employment Handbooks on the 'Policies, Procedures & Manuals' page for detailed information about the leave policies or contact the Human Resources Department.

Annual Leave

Full-time, Administrative employees are granted 1.67 days per month (20 days per year) of annual leave. Part-time employees accrue a prorated amount. Accrued annual leave in excess of 40 days is forfeited without pay on June 30 each year. 

Discretionary Leave

Two paid days of non-cumulative discretionary leave is awarded each fiscal year to all full-time employees (Faculty & Administrative staff). 

Sick Leave

The sick leave policy is established to assist you when you are unable to work due to illness, injury, or a medical condition. Full-time employees are awarded 15 days upon hire, then accrue 1.25 days per month beginning their 13th month of employment. Maximum sick leave accrual is 90 days. 

Leave Request Form


Bereavement Leave

Up to 40 hours of bereavement leave can be granted in the event of imminent death or death for immediate family members of employees. 

Family Medical Leave

Employees are eligible for FML if they have been employed at CMU for at least 12 months total. Eligible employees will be allotted up to 12 weeks because of the birth/adoption of a child, an employee's serious health condition or to care for a family member with a serious health condition. Additional time may be provided to employees to care for a covered service member. 

Jury Duty

Employees will be granted jury leave with pay for the period he/she is required to serve on jury duty. Compensation received for such services shall be retained by the employee. 

Military Leave

Upon presenting proper military orders, an employee who enters active military service, including active service training or declared emergency purposes, shall be granted fifteen (15) work days military leave with pay, less the paid military leave he/she has previously used during the calendar year, followed by military leave without pay. 

Annual Leave

Annual leave is used for personal needs such as vacation or personal business. Appointing authorities may establish periods when employees are not allowed to take leave. In some cases involving other types of leave (e.g. exhaustion of sick leave or family medical leave), use of annual leave may be required. 

Years of Service       Hours earned/month       Maximum Accrual

1 - 5                       8 hours (1 day)               192 hours (24 days)

6-10                       10 hours (1 1/4 day)       240 hours (30 days)

11-15                     12 hours (1 1/2 days)      288 hours (36 days)

16+                        14 hours (1 3/4 days)      336 hours (42 days)

Sick Leave

Sick leave is provided for health reasons. It may also be used for the health needs of a family member. Full-time employees accrue sick leave at 6.66 hours per month. Accrual is limited to 360 hours. 

Classified Leave Request Form

Bereavement Leave

Employees may request up to 40 working hours of paid bereavement leave to attend services, travel or grieve the death of a family member or other person. Employees are expected to request the amount of leave needed in writing and communicate their needs to their supervisor. 

Family Medical Leave

Employees with 1 year of State service are eligible for up to 520 hours of family medical leave (pro-rated for part-time employees). The amount of paid or unpaid leave during family medical leave depends on an employee's accrued leave balances. Employees are required to use all accrued sick leave, to the extent allowed by the sick leave policy, and all accrued annual leave. 

Jury Duty

Classified employees are granted paid jury leave for the full time of service. Temporary employees are granted up to three days of paid jury leave to serve during those days they are normally scheduled to work.