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The State of Colorado is committed to providing employees with a strong and competitive benefits package. They offer benefits to permanent full-time and part-time employees. Currently, temporary and seasonal employees are not eligible for benefits.

You have three opportunities to enroll in or make changes to your benefits: 

  1. Within 31 days of your hire date
  2. During the annual open enrollment period
  3. Within 30 days of a Qualifying Life Event (ie: marriage, divorce, birth/adoption of child, loss or gain of other health coverage, change in employment status, change in eligibility)



You can enroll yourself and your eligible dependents in medical and dental benefits. 

Eligible Dependents Include: 

  • You spouse or civil union partner
  • Child(ren) under the age of 26 (your children, your spouse or partner's children, and children in your legal custody)
  • Eligible child(ren) of any age who were disabled before age 26

Covering Dependents

You'll be required to provide proof of eligibility for any new dependent you want to add to your coverage. You'll receive information about eligibility and documentation requirements after you enroll. The State of Colorado may conduct a dependent eligibility audit at any time. 

Civil Union Coverage

Civil union partners are eligible to enroll as dependent in the benefit plans. Any premium contributions made by the State of Colorado on behalf of your civil union partner are considered taxable income to you. Please contact your financial or tax advisor for more information.


Note: If there is any inconsistency between the information listed here and the State's formal plans, programs, policies or contracts (or any subsequent change in such plan programs, policies or contracts), the actual provisions of each benefit program govern. 

The State of Colorado reserves the right to modify or terminate any of the described benefits at any time for any reason. The descriptions of these benefits are not a guarantee of current or future employment or benefits.