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Applicants must complete the application process by April 15th for an anticipated fall admission. Letters of acceptance or denial are sent out in the spring. Accepted applicants receive registration and advising instructions in their letter of acceptance for fall admission.

Please note, additional screening may be required to assess the applicant's ethical or critical reasoning abilities.

Step 1


An $50 application fee is collected when you submit your application.

Step 2

Supplemental Items

Submit supplemental items through the Nursing CAS system.

  1. Official Transcripts

    To be official, transcripts must be submitted to the Nursing CAS system. Students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in nursing coursework.

  2. Copy of unrestricted license to practice as a registered nurse in the state of residence

  3. Three letters of professional and academic recommendation

  4. Essay

    Essay of 500 words or less on why you are seeking a graduate degree in nursing. Explain why a graduate degree is necessary for you to meet your professional development goals.

Non-degree-seeking students and students not yet admitted to the Graduate Nursing Program may enroll in a limited number of Graduate Nursing courses. Non-degree-seeking students and students not yet admitted to the program cannot take clinical courses unless granted permission by course instructors. Clinical courses require students to arrange clinical preceptors, set up clinical hour tracking accounts, complete criminal background checks, and obtain graduate nursing student malpractice insurance. Students should select non-clinical courses if time constraints exist that prevent the completion of these necessary steps required for clinical courses.