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Colorado Mesa University supports the freedom to debate and discuss the merits of competing ideas. Without the fermentation of such debates, we will cease to flourish – culturally, socially, and individually. We do not exist to shield each other from offensive and uncomfortable ideas. Rather, our purpose in learning at the university level is to support free speech so that we can work through the problems and structures that have deeply defined us in the past. Free speech is the best path forward to solving our problems.

In the midst of supporting free speech principles, we also greatly uphold civility, and we recognize that all members of the university community are responsible for and contribute to mutual respect. This respect, however, will not be accomplished through shutting down the discussion of ideas that are offensive or disagreeable to some members of our community.

CMUnow News and Stories

CMU adopts the Chicago Statement

In September 2020 the CMU Board of Trustees unanimously adopted the policy protecting the speech and expression rights of students and CMU faculty now and in the future. The resolution adopted by CMU states that higher education cannot "become incubators of comfort" at the expense of taking on and exploring the complex, provocative and essential ideas in society and culture.

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The Civic Forum

Free Speech and Civil Discourse at Colorado Mesa University is part of the Civic Forum – an initiative to support democracy and civic engagement on campus and within the community.

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